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Get Your Energy Back In Time For Summer

When thinking about some of the things that we want most in life for our bodies, energy is one of them. We know a lot of people like to do posts about the body as a whole and how it can look better, but if you think about one of the most common complaints between humans, it’s fatigue. Our bodies seem to not be able to cope with adult life. As soon as we get into those stressful years at school it’s as though our bodies decide it’s time to shut down and we have woken up tired every day since. There might be an odd day or two when you wake with a complete boost of energy. It might be because you have had the perfect night’s sleep, or perhaps you’ve just woke up at just the right time so you weren’t in the middle of a dream and completely knocked out when your alarm tried to wake you up. So if you’re just desperate for more energy every single day so that you can function a little bit better, all you have to do is keep on reading and we’ll show you what you can do. 

Exercise & Relaxation 

Exercise is so important if you want to feel good. You might think that exercise is only going to drain your energy, but we promise that it will make you feel better. However, exercise is only going to be possible if you change other aspects of your life. For example, smokers are notorious for being poor exercises because their lung capacity and general body function are reduced. Vaporesso is just one of the ways you can cut out smoking and give yourself the energy to exercise and the appetite to eat right! If you can force yourself to get up that little bit earlier and go and get a 45-minute workout in the gym, your day will start by being filled with energy. A good breakfast like porridge washed down with a coffee if you like them, and a big glass of water will start your day right. Relaxation is then important in the evening. Leave yourself at least two hours to just sit

Sleep & Eat

Sleeping and eating are so important, and we often don’t realize how much of a big part it plays in the way that you feel. Even though we know that if we get 6 hours of sleep or less every single night we’re going to feel like rubbish, we seem to do it anyway. So the first thing to be changed is getting to sleep that little bit earlier. Always make sure that your phone is on silent and down 8.5 hours before you have to wake up. If you fall asleep with the TV on, that’s fine! Get comfy in bed and start closing your eyes. You’re pretty much guaranteed to fall asleep with more than 7 hours of sleep for the night. If you really do struggle then try lavender oils, sleeping masks, and relaxation books before you go to bed. As for your diet, all you need to do is make the three main meals you’re eating healthy. Do this 6 days a week and then have a cheat day and you’re onto a winner. You can have an unhealthy snack or two a day to keep the balance. Combine good sleep and good food and you’re bound to feel great! 

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