Foolproof Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Be Healthy
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Foolproof Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Be Healthy

Health, there is nothing more important. However, sometimes as a momma we can get focused on our own health and still be feeding the kids fish fingers and chips every night!  Of course, I’m not saying that you should only feed them raw green vegetable all the time ( unless they like they like it!). Instead, it’s about taking a measured and balanced approach to health. Something that you can find out more about in my post below.

Start them in good routines young

Parents understand that the way they bring their child up impacts on their life later on, but this doesn’t just apply to emotional issues and discipline, but also to establishing healthy habits as well. In fact, starting them off in good habits like exercise when they are young is crucial.

Luckily there are plenty of fun activities that will get them up and moving that can be built into their regular routine. These include getting the kids classes so they can learn to swim, taking them to regular sports clubs like football, and basketball, and even encouraging them to go on walks and get outside in nature. The latter being something that you can do as a family and something that more introverted kids may particularly enjoy. Something that makes it easy to get everyone in the family into healthy habits.  

Role model

Next, when it comes to encouraging your kids to be healthy, you absolutely have to model your expectation for them on what you do. That means as a parent you really have to watch what you do, including exercising regularly, eating well, and remember to make sure that those Saturday night treats don’t end up being binges!

In fact, kids often establish their behaviour around what they see their parents doing, and if you have a tendency to reach for food as a way of emotionally coping, it’s pretty important that you get this sorted out. Then you can prevent passing this onto your kids.

Educate them about food

Also, when it comes to your kids to be healthy, it can pay dividends later on in life if you take the time to educates them about food. This means not only talking to them about the importance of a healthy balanced diet but showing them what to eat as well.

It’s also essential that you teach your kids to cook healthily too. Luckily, this is an activity that can be an incredibly enjoyable activity for you to do as a family too.

Make time for mental health as well

Lastly, when it comes to health, it’s not just the physical that matters. In fact, it’s also crucial that you spend some time educating your kids on mental health, both concerning how to maintain theirs, and what to do if they feel they are struggling.

It can also really help to set aside some time each week to get together and just talk about how things are going for them. This will allow you as a parent to monitor their mental health, and also bring you closer together as a family as well, something that is good for everyone’s health.

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