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Flush Out Family Bathroom Strife With An Ensuite In Your Child’s Room

When we move into a new home, there’s never any question of who gets the bedroom with ensuite. As a parent, you’re automatically entitled to this luxury, as your parents probably were before you. That’s the best part about being the adult, and you’ve been bathing in luxury for years as a result.

If you have growing kids on your hands, though, you might well be considering whether yours should be the only room with an ensuite. Let’s face it; a family bathroom isn’t always the best set up, especially when kids become teens and arguments ramp up a notch.

We aren’t suggesting anything major, of course. Something simple like a small space with a toilet, sink, and shower cubicle like those found on should do the trick. As well as adding value to your property, this small step could bring significant benefits to the young people in your life, including – 

Fewer arguments

It’s astounding how many arguments among siblings happen as a result of bathroom negotiations. The chances are that you hate listening to those early morning moans as your kids hate having them. So, why not use an ensuite to pour water on the problem? Admittedly, there may still be some niggles if you give one child an ensuite and not the other. The best way around this would be to let the oldest have the new bathroom. You can then promise your younger child(ren) that the family bathroom is all theirs. As simple as that, everyone will be able to get in and wash when they want. There won’t be any more morning rotas or hot water limitations. Trust us when we say that this benefit alone is worth building a new ensuite for.

Better privacy as they age

Young kids don’t care much about privacy. Before they learn to feel self-conscious about their bodies, they’ll likely leave the bathroom door wide open. As soon as kids hit six or so, though, that carefree attitude disappears fast. Instead, they’ll want as much privacy as possible in the bathroom. This is especially the case when it comes to periods and other bodily explorations. The last thing your youngster wants is a sudden bathroom invasion at an inopportune moment. And, guess what? You can make sure that never happens by building them an ensuite. 

More responsibility for the child in question

Teens especially seem to thrive off responsibility. You might well find that the responsibility of their own bathroom space works wonders. Leaving them to clean their bathroom or stock up on supplies could be fantastic for giving them a sense of independent living. Don’t get us wrong; they won’t always live up to high levels of cleanliness. You might want to check up and even give them a few tips like those found on to uphold standards. Otherwise, leave the bathroom stuff to them and see how much your teen thrives as a result. All because you took the simple step of installing an ensuite. 

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