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Finding Your Family’s Forever Home

Finding the right home for your family can be difficult. If you’ve always rented, and you are looking to buy for the first time, you might have mortgages, fees and other complications to make the search for a home more complicated, and you’ve probably got a wishlist as long as your arm. 

When we’re younger, or before we settle down to start a family, most of us are happy to live anywhere. Our homes are barely more than a base. As we begin to get older, our homes become a much more important part of our lives. We want them to be safe and comfortable for our children, and once we settle, we want to become a part of the community, instead of just our household. We want a long-term solution. Somewhere to put down routes. But it’s hard to find. Finding your forever home certainly takes more thought that finding somewhere to rent for a few months. Here are some tips to help you. 

Figure Out What Forever Home Means to You

Your forever home might not be the same as mine. You might be looking for somewhere to retire comfortably. Other people might be looking for a home in which to welcome more children. Forever doesn’t even always mean forever. Some of us have many homes during our lifetime, as we pass through its phases. It’s ok if forever just means right now. Figure out what forever means before looking for it. 

Write a Wish List

What do you want from your home? Write a list of everything that you’d like, including things like a garden, dining room, home office, number of bedrooms, and other details. But, also what you’d like from the local area, like distance from work, connections, and schools. 

Set Your Priorities

Within this wishlist, you’ll have deal-breakers and things that you are willing to compromise on. List them in order, and know what you are willing to sacrifice. 

Ring the Changes

Sometimes, finding your forever home doesn’t mean moving. It means changing. If you love your community, you live near good schools, your kids are settled, and you are happy with your life, but your home isn’t perfect, consider changes that you could make before moving. Could DX architects for residential houses help to turn your house into a home?

Don’t Neglect Warmth and Comfort

It can be hard to get a feel for a home at first viewing. But you must try. When it comes to warmth and comfort, you can have a. New boiler and heating system fitted, but they aren’t the only ingredients. Imagine yourself living there, can you see it becoming your home?

Keep the Future in Mind

Part of finding your forever home is understanding what you want from your life in the future. While we can never fully predict what might happen, you can have a good guess. Do you want more children? Are you likely to need a granny flat or home office? Will you always be committed to the garden? Do you need to be nearer to schools, or do you plan to change jobs? Look at your five-year plan to start with, then try to look deeper into the future. 

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