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Encouraging Your Children To Exercise By Subtly Turning Your Garden Into A Gym

Has it got to the point where you want to take a more active role in your children’s health? You may be doing your best with their diet, suggesting plenty of activities to do while outside, but it seems that you need to go one step further, and make it a part of your home lifestyle. As parents, it’s the example that we set that will prove beneficial in the long run, and when we start to make changes at home, this is when they will become a habit. If you have a garden space, turning it into a gym is something that may be viewed with a raised eyebrow or two from your children, it’s not necessarily about installing workout equipment. It’s about providing an area for your children too to have fun while, conveniently, exercising at the same time. What can you do?

Install A Swimming Pool

Swimming is fun and the perfect exercise. And when you are debating what sort of swimming pool tiles you want to fit the aesthetic of the space, it’s important to remember that while a swimming pool can be quite an expense, in the long run, not only is it going to improve the value of your home, but it’s something that your children can do every day to improve their cardiovascular health. There is no better all-over body exercise than swimming. And if your children go to swimming pool parties or they’re just about to get lessons, a swimming pool is something that will please everyone.

Put In Monkey Bars

If space is an issue, it’s all about encouraging the children to play. By installing monkey bars like a climbing frame, you will be able to to get better playtime. Also encouraging your children to climb everywhere by playing games like off the ground tag, is a good method to ensure that your children are running around and not necessarily focusing on exercise. One of the big problems we can have if we’re trying to implement some sort of fitness regime in the house is that our children will get bored right away. If you’ve got young children, you don’t have to get them to run laps, instead, get them to play with each other, pretend to be animals, and think about all sorts of role-playing that encourages them to get moving. It’s very simple.

A Place For Sports

If you have got children into football, that coordination involved with doing keep ups, as well as a little space to kick the ball around is crucial if you want your children to develop a baseline of fitness. A place for sports in the back garden will help when your children are slowly coming around to the idea of playing sports. This is usually around 8 years old. If you don’t have the space for a gym or swimming pool, you don’t need to turn the garden into a haven for exercise in the stereotypical sense. And when we want our children to get fitter and healthier, it’s all about getting them to start moving, and then slowly turning the dial up. 

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