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Easy DIY Bathroom Projects on a Budget

If your bathroom is dated or you want to make updates simply because you’re tired of the way the room looks, it could be time to consider a renovation. If you have a budget like most people, then DIY options can be affordable ways to make a space new again. Use the following five bathroom projects as homeowner inspiration.

Install New Lighting

Get the immediate gratification of a brighter and more inviting room when you swap out the old light for a new one. With more light, the bathroom will appear bigger than before.

Also, the lighting update provides a chance to modernize the place by putting in new hanging pendants or another stylish choice. One idea is to install two light fixtures, one on each side of the vanity mirror, rather than the traditional light above the mirror.

Fresh Coat of Paint

A paint job can do wonders for any part of the home! Even if you do it the same color as before, the chances are that it’ll have a cleaner look when redone.

If you’re unsure what wall shade to choose, tan is a great choice as it’s neutral, so it won’t require you to get new towels or other accessories to match it.

To complete the clean look, DIY Wet Room Shower Trays to keep puddles from accumulating on the floor. After all, you don’t want any water to seep out and potentially ruin this bathroom that’s becoming so spectacular!

New Knobs

Rather than taking out the vanity and installing a new one, why not change the hardware on it instead? It’s one of the simplest DIY bathroom projects yet has a big potential impact. 

Choose a silver color for the handles and knobs, for example, if the vanity is a dark color. The silver will pop against the wood for a great accent feature.

If you do not want to spend a bundle on ornate knobs, don’t worry as simple ones provide a cleaner look, especially in a small space like a bathroom. You could even search for them used through online marketplaces.

Organize the Clutter

If you want to de-clutter the counter yet aren’t sure what way to go, try sorting cotton balls and other items into mason jars. Get them cheap from thrift stores to stay within your budget.

The great thing about these containers is they’re clear so you can see at a glance exactly what’s inside them. If you’re running short on something, you’ll know it’s time to restock supplies. Plus, de-cluttering the home can save 40% of the time cleaning a home in America, as per the National Soap and Detergent Association.

Add Art – Or Create it Yourself

To complete the bathroom remodel, add some artwork to the walls. There are tons of DIY art ideas available online. 

It could be as simple as hot gluing shells to a frame and putting a photo you took of a beach recently within the frame. It’s unique to your home and budget-friendly too!

If you get adventurous, create a gallery wall of different frames. Choose different frames to provide character to the area.

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