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Don’t Keep Mum: Why Mental Health Should Always Feature In Your Midwife Meetings

A decent midwife can be a godsend during pregnancy. As any mum will tell you, an instant connection and a feeling that you can talk about anything can make the entire process so much easier. Some women even come to value their midwives so much that they can’t bear to part!

But, while the midwife appointments that scatter the pregnancy calendar were once all about physical health, a new feature should make itself known in every midwife appointment, and that feature is mental health. Many midwives are now trained to look for signs of anxiety or depression, as well as checking out your baby and weight. Still, countless women find it difficult to open up to even the friendliest midwives about how they’re really feeling.

This is a problem considering that no matter the pregnancy, as many as 1 in 5 women can struggle. You might have conceived naturally, gone through IVF, or even embarked on embryo adoption; it doesn’t matter. Your mental health should still make a regular appearance! If you aren’t convinced that talking about your feelings is a useful way to spend your midwife meetings right now, then keep reading to find out why you’re wrong. 

# 1 – Opening up can strengthen the bond you share with your midwife

Remember when we mentioned the importance of a close midwife connection? Well, this is the perfect example. By opening up about your true feelings, you guarantee that your relationship with your midwife is strong. These open communications then ensure that assistance during your birth and after visits is as useful as it can be. And, that’s what every midwife-mum relationship should be about. 

# 2 – Discussion can raise your awareness of the risks

Mental health discussions can also help you to look out for warning signs before you start spiralling. Your midwife can talk you through checklists, and actively seek information about what you or your partner should be looking out for. It may seem a strange distraction now, but it could make a massive difference down the line. 

# 3 – You’ll never need to suffer in silence

Note, too, that getting into a regular habit of discussing mental health concerns means you’ll never need to suffer in silence. Too many women find it difficult or impossible to open up to their midwives when things do wrong, mainly because of stigmas still surrounding mental health. Many even feel that they have to cover up because they’re convinced they should be beaming from ear to ear. But, if you allow for the possibility of a mental decline from day one, you shouldn’t find it difficult to let your midwife know as soon as you start suffering. 

Considering issues like depression can seem oddly out of place amid this exciting time, but your mind plays just as significant a role in a healthy pregnancy as your body does. Make your midwife’s job easier by realising that, and opening those doors with their help sooner rather than later.

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