Does Your Family Home Lack Space?
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Does Your Family Home Lack Space?

A common problem that many families have to live with is a total lack of space within their home. The issue is that property is expensive, which can mean that for families it’s a premium cost, and often the case is that you have to settle for a home that is somewhat smaller than you would have hoped for. If you love the house that you are living in but feel that it lacks space, don’t worry because you’re not alone. A large percentage of families report living in homes that lack space – having this lack of space is far more common than you would think.

The good news is that just because your family home seems to lack space, that doesn’t mean that you can’t change that. More often than not there are areas of space that aren’t being properly utilised, and in addition to this, there are often various storage hacks that you aren’t taking advantage of when you could be.

Wondering how you can create more space in your family home? Then have a read of these useful hacks below!


Take full advantage of every storage space

Far too often, families are not taking full advantage of the storage space that they have been given. Often there’s a reason for this, such as the fact that the basement is damp or the loft doesn’t have boards down or an accessible ladder. However, these spaces offer important extra storage space and should be utilised.

Take your loft, for instance, simply by hiring a company like Empire Lofts to put boards down and install a ladder, you instantly create a large area of extra storage space. This can be used for storing all sorts, from Christmas decorations to old sports equipment. If you have a basement that offers lots of space but has a tendency to get damp, look into damp-proofing it. These kinds of spaces shouldn’t be wasted.


Be smart about visible storage

When it comes to the visible storage space within your home, it’s essential that you are smart about it. There are so many amazing options for you to choose from, and yet the chances are that you most likely aren’t taking advantage of them.

The key is to be smart about your storage solutions and take advantage of every inch of space, such as the top five inches of the room, for instance. An ideal place to put shelving in your home is at the top of the walls, in the last five inches of space. These can be used to store anything and everything, from books to clothing.

When it comes to wardrobes, the best option is to opt for built-in storage space rather than non-built-in space. If possible, it’s best to invest in a built-in storage space, as this tends to offer more room than normal storage space, such as freestanding wardrobes, for instance.


When you share a small home with a large number of people, it’s difficult to make the most of the space that you have. However, as long as you’re smart about your storage solutions, then you shouldn’t have to worry about storage space.


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