Cut The Clutter With These Handy Hacks

When you have a family, staying on top of some household chores can be quite difficult. The kids will be demanding your attention most of the time, so you might struggle to keep up with your regular household cleaning and tidying. As a result, clutter can quickly build up and make your home feel far from organized.

Do you think that you are currently being beaten by all your home’s clutter? Feel like no matter how hard you try, there’s just no way you can create a tidy and organized home again? Well, there’s no need to worry just yet. There is plenty that you can do to sort out your home, and the first thing to do is to sort out all that clutter. Once you cut your home’s clutter, your house will start to feel spacious and tidy once again.

So, ready to get to work on all that clutter? Here are a few great hacks that can help you make some serious progress.

Cut The Clutter With These Handy Hacks
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Hire A Larger Bin

Once you do start to sort out all of your clutter, you might find that you have a lot of items that you need to throw out. These will probably be old or broken items that you’ve held on to for whatever reason. Seeing as you don’t need them and they aren’t good enough to sell or donate, the only thing left for them will be to throw them out. There’s a chance that you will find a lot of trash while you are decluttering your home, and you might even struggle to fit it into your usual bins. So, it’s worth getting in touch with a firm that offers bin hire services. The company will be able to rent out larger bins and even skips that you can fill up with all your trash.

Cut The Clutter With These Handy Hacks
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Sort Out What You Can Sell

You shouldn’t just throw out all the clutter you sort out, though. If it isn’t broken or too old, you might be able to sell it. Not only will this give you the chance to make a bit of extra cash, but it’s also better for the environment. That’s because it won’t all be going straight into a landfill site. Most things can be sold secondhand, and websites like eBay and Craigslist are the best place to post your adverts and listings. Remember to take into consideration any shipping costs that you might incur when posting the item to the buyer. You should list the item at a price that is high enough to cover these costs and also leave you with a little profit.



Give Stuff To Local Charity Shops

Of course, selling items and throwing them out aren’t your only two options. You might want to donate some of your unused items to your nearest charity shops. Charity shops are always looking for donations of items that they can sell and help them make a profit that can be put towards their cause. Most charity shops will only accept items that are still in fairly good condition, so it’s worth checking everything thoroughly before you do donate it all. You can donate most items, including clothing, toys, and books.


Cut The Clutter With These Handy Hacks
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Invest In More Storage

Are you sure that you need to get rid of all that clutter? Some of it could be worth keeping. Don’t worry, though, that doesn’t mean that you need to live with all the mess forever. Investing in more storage options for your home could give you a way to hide all the clutter away. One great idea is to look for some hidden storage. For example, you will be able to find a lot of beds for sale that feature drawers in their base. You’ll be able to fill these drawers with clothes or bedsheets, and it doesn’t mean needing to fit an extra cupboard or chest of drawers into your bedroom. You can also buy footstools and armchairs with hidden storage in their bases.


Tackle It Room By Room

If your whole home is cluttered, you might feel like there is a huge task ahead of you. It’s true that decluttering the entire house will take a lot of hard work and effort, but it shouldn’t always be such a daunting task. There are ways you can make it easier for you. For instance, you should consider tackling it room by room. This will help you break up the entire task into smaller, much more manageable chunks. For instance, you might want to start with decluttering your bedroom. Once you are happy that you’ve tidied it up as much as you possibly can, you can then take a break before moving onto another room in your home.

Cut The Clutter With These Handy Hacks
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Clean Up Cooking Mess Straight Away

It can be ever so easy for a kitchen to quickly appear cluttered after you’ve spent a while cooking in it. That’s because all the cooking mess scattered on the worktops will add to the overall appearance of clutter in the room. Plus, a kitchen sink piled high with dirty pots and pans will also make the kitchen appear a lot more cluttered than what it actually is. One easy solution for this is to clean up your cooking mess as you go. That way, there won’t be as much mess to deal with when it comes to all the washing up. Just remember to not leave the washing up for too long or else it will only be added to and make the kitchen seem even more cluttered than what it was already!


Get Everyone Involved

It’s not fair on you to clean up your house entirely on your own. Get the rest of your family to help you out! Even if your kids are still only young, you could turn some of the cleaning and tidying up jobs into games for them. That will make them seem fun, and the little ones will be a bit more inclined to give you a helping hand!


Good luck with all your decluttering!


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