Creating A Stunning Patio This Spring
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Creating A Stunning Patio This Spring

If you want to make the most of the garden this summer, one of the main areas you can think about upgrading is the patio. Throughout the summer it is always fun for us to be able to host our family for parties and have barbecues in the backyard, and when it comes to enjoying the space, the patio can have a large impact. Today we are going to take a look at some of the things you can do during the spring to make the patio the perfect addition to your garden this year.

Link it to the kitchen

If you want to make the patio feel like a stepping stone from the home to the garden you need to do a thing or two to bring it together as one long living space. One great way to open up the patio and the kitchen is to have bifold doors which you can open completely to make the kitchen feel like a part of the garden during a hot sunny day.

Stain the deck

There are a few different types of patio you can have in the garden and one of them is a wooden deck. If you want to make your patio feel brand new this spring, you can paint the patio a new colour and stain it to make it look brand new. You might have to pressure wash the area first to get rid of any moss or mould, and once it is stained it will look shiny and new. If you are really brave and you want a radical change, you can even think about colouring the patio a bright or pastel colour.

Decorate with planters

The garden is all about flowers and life, and when you are looking to upgrade any aspect of the garden, plants should be part of the design. When you are looking at ways to upgrade the patio, you can consider bringing plants to a few different areas. If your patio has a roof and rails you will be able to find troughs to hang along the rails, and you can do the same thing here underneath your back window for a cottage effect. As well as this, you can find 2 large plant pots and fill them either with an assortment of small bedding flowers, or fill them with 2 large roses or azaleas to create a beautiful effect throughout the summer months.

Replace the railings

If your patio area is raised off the ground slightly you will likely have rails along the surface of the patio which will keep you safe and secure when sitting in the garden. These railings can be taken for granted at times and you might not even think about upgrading them along with the rest of the garden. However swapping out some rusty railings for lighter and brighter ones can have a big impact on the space with a relatively small volume of work to do.

Make it cosy

A lot of us don’t realise just how much we can bring into the garden to make it feel like part of the home. There are a lot of items of furniture we can bring into our home such as a sofa and chairs which are waterproof and ideal for us when we are hosting friends and family during the year. If you want to make the patio area feel as luxurious and cosy as you can this year, bringing some soft furnishings to the space can be a really great idea. Take a look online for inspiration and see what kind of styles you can bring into your space this year.

Charcoal Grill  

You can’t have a great patio area without a barbecue! One of the most fun things we can do during the summer is to sit out in the sun with a couple of beers and a few burgers on the grill. Barbecues come in all shapes and sizes and it means that you can find one to add to your patio no matter how big or small your garden is!


A chiminea can be a wonderful thing for us to bring into the garden this year for those summer nights as the sun begins to set and we all want to stay chatting in the fresh air. A chiminea can be lit up and will warm the cockles of your heart as you enjoy the summer nights in the garden, it  can be the ideal end to a summer party or a barbecue and it will bring everyone together to enjoy your garden space.

Light it up

In any part of the house, lighting can make all the difference to the atmosphere and it can make a space feel more magical than it really is. In the garden there are a few ways you can bring lighting to the space. You could hang fairy lights from the rails or the roof, you can hang some little lanterns around the border of the patio to emit a soft light, and also bring some small solar powered lights into the flowerbeds.

Hang some art

Believe it or not the house isn’t the only place you can bring art into your living space this year. If you have a patio area with a wall or two you can hang some waterproof garden canvases to the space. A landscape scene or a summer sunset can bring a beautiful atmosphere to the garden even in the depths of winter!

Attract wildlife

There is nothing better than being able to sit out in your garden and watch the birds and the bees fly around and live their daily lives. To upgrade the garden this year you can bring some bird feeders to the garden around your patio area so that when you sit out you will be able to enjoy the company of lots of cute birds and other animals.

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