Could City Living Be for You?
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Could City Living Be for You?

More and more people are moving into cities. The bright lights, the excitement and having everything on your doorstep is enough to tempt most people but what about the more practical issues?

The UN predicts that 68% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas by 2050 which is a huge proportion. This means that we should already be thinking about how cities work for the masses. For you, this means thinking carefully about the lifestyle you want and your reasons for moving in the first place.


The city is great for getting about. Most cities in the UK have a comprehensive transport system and many are actually pretty easy to walk around too. This is ideal if you don’t really like driving to get around and prefer a shorter commute.

However, getting out of the city can be a touch more difficult. If you do want to have a car so that you can escape to the country every now and then, it’s worth thinking about which car would be best in the city. A small car like the new smart fortwo 1.0 Passion is great for the city with its agility, small turning circle and tax-free emissions rating. Do look at parking options in the location you fancy – while many buildings do have spaces now, you may still have to find another solution.

New Experiences

Moving to the city can be quite daunting – the people, the buildings, the traffic! But wherever you go, you will benefit from entirely new experiences. Cities change every single day. The landscape shifts as cranes come and go, the people ebb and flow and even the streets seem to quietly adjust like Harry Potter staircases.

A city like Hong Kong would certainly be a challenge for someone coming from the countryside but smaller cities have a lot to offer too. When you first arrive, it’s a good idea to simply go for a walk and take in your new surroundings. You’ll slowly start to learn the geography of the place by going to events, meeting new people and opening yourself up to opportunities.


For the young, free and single population, the city offers an incredible opportunity to meet people, try new things and discover new experiences. There are so many things to do in cities that sites like Meetup can honestly offer pretty much everything. While you may never say hi to your neighbours, you will likely build up your own small community within the city.

That said, lots of inner city buildings and areas now have online communities on Facebook. It may not be perfect but it does offer you a chance to talk to the people around you and you could even set up an event to get to know people. Manchester is well-known for this kind of friendliness but other city-dwellers would surely be open to similar ideas!

City living is bold and busy. It isn’t for everyone and it might not be for you forever. But, if you have the chance to experience it, you should definitely go for it!

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