Coughs, Sneezes, And Contemporary Diseases: Coping With Modern Allergies
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Coughs, Sneezes, And Contemporary Diseases: Coping With Modern Allergies

A few decades ago it would have been unheard of to see a family member struggling with their health due to a strange allergy, especially to food. But in the western world, it’s everywhere now. And as a result, we’ve got to learn how to cope with these modern allergies. Do you suspect yourself of having an intolerance, or does certain foods or drinks cause havoc with you? Let’s have a look at some of the modern allergies.


At the top of the list is gluten. While coeliac disease is slowly being diagnosed in more people, there’s still an increasing amount of those that have allergies to wheat and gluten in general. Coping with a gluten allergy is all about removing it from your diet. Now, there are so many different replacement foods out there, like bread, that you can live a gluten-free life without issue.


Another one of the many food allergies out there is dairy. And, much like gluten, there are numerous non-dairy versions of common dairy products that you can live without consuming milk ever again. Coconut milk, soya milk, and even milk where the lactose has been removed are common in supermarkets now. There are also plenty of dairy products made with soya, like yoghurt.


But of course, allergies in the modern day aren’t all related to food, hay fever is incredibly common, and people can find themselves free of hay fever for years, only to have it sneak up on them one summer. There are many ways for you to get rid of your hayfever, but there are also tips to prepare for hayfever season, just on the off chance you may think your allergy will flare up.


The fact is that are so many different types of mould, especially in the home, that we can’t ignore this. There’s an increase of toxic mould, and if there’s a lot of damp in the house, we can very easily end up suffering for months, if not years. There are so many different sorts of mould out there, that if you can’t get rid of it through the usual cleaning methods, it’s worth contacting a professional.

Why Are We So Allergic?

And while there are so many modern allergies out there, it begs the question, why are we so allergic now? Because a lot of these issues weren’t around 100 years ago, and especially if you look at other countries of the world where they don’t seem to have the same sort of allergies as in the western world, we can only argue that diet and a very sanitized way of living are to blame. But it’s also important to remember that our gut bacteria has a lot to answer for. Because we are now trigger happy when it comes to antibiotics and living a very germ-free existence, our bodies don’t get the opportunity to fight off any foreign bodies. And this is worth something to bear in mind. Or the western diet seems to be the root cause, so either consider altering what you eat or you could find yourself with an abundance of allergies throughout your life.

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