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*Cookies Policy updated May 2018* Cookies are used on the Serenely Sam website to ensure you receive the best experience when visiting the website. Please read the below Cookies Policy which pertains to the use of cookies on the Serenely Sam website.   What Are Cookies? Cookies are small text files your computer stores to enable web pages to be personalised to each individual user of a website. For instance, a ‘popup’ may not show if you have already visited the website. Cookies are anonymised – they will track your IP address but not your name or email address. Cookies also collect statistical information, often through Google Analytics. This allows me to create content relevant to the users of the site and to see how well the site is doing statistically. For example, I may receive information about a user that has visited the website and if they have returned, what country they are from, which pages they visited when on the site, and the length of time on they spent on the site. Cookies generally enable a site to work better and provide a better experience for the user. If you wish to though, you can turn off or disable cookies and third-party cookies in your browser settings.   To Disable Cookies To disable cookies in Chrome: Open the ‘Settings’ option in your browser Click ‘Advanced’ Open ‘Privacy and Security’ tab Click on ‘Content Settings’ Choose your preferences   To disable cookies in Internet Explorer: Open the ‘Settings’ option in your browser Click ‘View Advanced Settings’ Select the ‘Privacy and Services’ section Choose whether to block all cookies, block only third-party cookies, or to not block cookies   For more information about cookies, or to disable them in other browsers, please visit the About Cookies website   Third Party Advertisements Third Party advertisements (Google Adsense / Amazon Affiliates) are used on the Serenely Sam website to support the site. Some of these advertisers may use Cookies and Web Beacons when advertising on this website. They may receive some of your information such as your IP address, your Internet Service Provider, whether you have Flash installed, and the browser you have used. This is generally used so advertisements relevant to the website user can be used. You can opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies for personalised advertising by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).   See Also: Privacy Policy Terms Of Use Disclosures   Questions, Feedback, Suggestions or Enquiries Please contact me if you have any Questions, Feedback, Suggestions or Enquiries about anything you have read here, or for anything else to do with the website. I would be more than happy to assist where I can and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.   By continuing to use this site I will assume that you are happy for Cookies to be used.   Sam x