Glamorous Gardens For Those That Are Short On Time & Energy (or Lazy)

Urgh! Not only do we have to spend most of our time and energy running around the house making it look presentable, but in a few months it will be spring, and that means the garden will need doing as well. Happily, there are some tactics you can use to glamourise your garden without having

How to get your kids quickly settled in a new home

No matter who you are, or what the specific circumstances of your life are, moving homes is always going to be a big deal. When you move homes, you are presented by a whole new range of opportunities, but you’re also confronted by certain headaches, irritations, and tough calls. If, however, you are moving homes

Why You Need More Than Just A Deposit

When it comes buying a property, you’re often going to find that you’re a little bit overwhelmed to begin with. Because the idea of having to save up all of this money and then still have a huge amount hanging over you each month can be really scary. And then you have the monthly payments

Is Buying A Home Really That Hard?

The conventional wisdom of the modern era is that buying your own home is basically impossible for 99% of people. Sure, it might once have been assumed that most people would eventually settle down and buy a house without too much trouble, the idea of doing that seems closer to a fantasy for many people,

Designing Your Home For Health And Happiness

Having a home that suits you is essential if you’re going to be healthy and happy. The home should be your safe haven. Whether you’re taking a hot bath after a long day or relaxing with your favourite TV shows, you should love your surroundings and feel happy and comfortable. Plus, you should have peace