• Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter: Review
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    Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter: Review

    For as long as I can remember I have always loved stationery. Even as a little girl I’d get excited at the thought of a new pencil or notebook. Fast forward a few years and my love of stationery remains; I especially have a penchant for planners and notebooks. As a writer (and perpetual list maker) they obviously come in very handy. I don’t know about you, but I find there’s something really cathartic about opening up a new planner or notebook and organising my thoughts by writing them down. As a person that loves planners, setting goals for myself, and someone that is also very in touch with their…

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    4 Ways You Can Make Your Family Car Journey A Little Easier

    A car journey shouldn’t have to be much of a problem this day and age. All we’re doing is getting from one part of the world to another. We also have a heap of new, smooth cars that allow us to drive much safer and much better. It’s not like back in the day; we’re living in a great time for this kind of thing. But, alas, there are still a few bumps along the way – pardon the pun! When you have a young family, or you have a significant group in your car, the journey can become even more of a pain in the backside. It’s not the…

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    Caravanning With Kids: Things To Think About

    With the nights drawing in and the temperatures begin to drop, our thoughts are turning to planning next years holiday. After all, we all need something to look forward to, to help us get through the long winter. If you have children, a holiday can be expensive, but we have found the perfect and affordable way of exploring our wonderful country – caravanning! If you have a caravan big enough to fit your brood in, and a reliable and robust car, such as an approved used Land Rover, to tow it, you can have years of fun for very little money after the initial expense. To make those trips stress…

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    All Style And All Substance: Designing Your Home Well

    Practicality and comfort should go hand in hand when designing a home. Yet, people so often choose one or the other. Obviously, the most important thing is that your house feels warm and inviting. It’s your home, after all. But the design of your humble abode plays a big part in this. Our feelings are influenced by our environment. If the appearance of your house is shabby, then you won’t feel comfortable and happy in your own home. So, your household should be all style and all substance. Here’s how you can design your home well. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you. Focus on warmth In order to combine both…

  • How To Properly Maintain Your Swimming Pool
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    How To Properly Maintain Your Swimming Pool

    Having your own swimming pool can be amazing on a hot summer’s day, but many people don’t realise the maintenance involved to keep it in tip-top condition and running smoothly all year round. The key to a crystal clear, safe, swimming pool is regular maintenance and there is a list of things that need to be kept on top of if you want to avoid murky water and costly repair bills. So whether you are thinking about getting a pool or already have one and want to learn more about maintaining it, read on to find out more.  Regularly remove debris from the surface and bottom Both indoor and outdoor…

  • Five Tips To Look After Your Roofing
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    Five Tips To Look After Your Roofing

    Looking after your roofing should be taken with some seriousness. It protects your home from the dangers of the outside, including fierce weather conditions and various wild animals. Here are five tips to look after your roofing. Replace Any Broken Or Damaged Tiles Immediately This isn’t something you’re really going to notice immediately but you soon will when pieces of broken tile start falling down off your roof and hitting your patio floor. It may be quite a frightening moment but don’t worry, these things happen. If you see it happen or stumble upon broken tiles when getting in from work, then you’ll want to take a look that it’s…

  • Adding a Personal Touch to Your Home
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    Adding a Personal Touch to Your Home

    Nowadays, many of our homes look the same as one another’s. There are various reasons for this. First of all, we tend to take inspiration from similar sources. We’ll flick through the same home design magazines, we’ll browse the same Pinterest boards, and we’ll follow the same home design pages on Instagram. Secondly, many of us purchase mass-produced appliances or furniture for the sake of convenience, reliability, and the low cost attached to them. But have you ever considered adding a personal touch to your home? This is your space. You don’t want it to become a ten-a-penny property. The good news is you don’t have to completely overhaul your…