• Moaning Molly’s Massive Meltdown-child colouring pictures in at a table in the library-meltdown-tantrum-mum guilt

    Moaning Molly’s Massive Meltdown

    The other day I took Molly to the local library for a toddler time session. Anything like this is hit and miss with Molly. She’s not a fan of group activities but I take her to encourage her to mix with other kids. She’s starting school in September and there’s going to be a lot more kids in the class than she’d like.  I think it’s important for her to mix as much as she can to try and get used to it. On a good day at the toddler time session, Molly happily joins in with no hesitation. Afterwards, we play with the toys, get some new books out,…

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    Life Overhaul: Going from Stressy to Serene

    Hi there! Welcome to the Serenely Sam blog and my very first post! I’m Sam, and prior to blogging here at Serenely Sam, you could find me blogging as Stressy Mama. I dedicated a year of my life to the Stressy Mama blog but I needed a change! You can read more about me on my About Me page. I discovered that the name of my blog was similar to another blogger’s name and I was concerned that the similarities would confuse people. Though a rebrand would involve a lot of hard work, I knew it was for the best. Yes, my stats and DA score would be affected, but I’d…