What Should A Child Know Or Be Able To Do Before Starting School?-primary school-new start-big school-parenting-lifestyle-reception class

Starting school is a big step in every child’s development, isn’t it? It’s the end of an era. Our babies are officially not babies any more. They are fully fledged children. In the big school! We are parents of school-aged children. When did that happen? Seriously? It seems like four minutes since my baby was born,

Is my summer baby ready for big school?-Starting school-Primary school-not a baby anymore-New start-Parenting-School Uniform

Like many parents out there, my little girl will be starting school for the first time in September. I am so not ready for my baby to be going to big school. She’s a baby! Okay, I know she isn’t actually a baby anymore, but I think compared to some of the other children that

Mood Swing Whiplash-two kids at beach-happy times-bad moods-tantrums-mood swings-threenager-fournado-parenting

Is mood swing whiplash a thing? I’m pretty sure it must be because I’ve got it from my daughter. Seriously, one minute it’s all smiles and laughter, the next it’s all scowls and tantrums. I can’t keep up. She goes from one extreme to the next in an instant, and I’m left standing there confused

The best ways to handle your child’s public meltdowns-tantrum-meltdown-parenting-kids in ball pit

What are the best ways to handle your child’s public meltdowns? I wrote a post the other day about how Molly had a meltdown in the library. She loves a good tantrum does Molly, but oftentimes, her tantrums progress into a full-on meltdown. She is almost four, meltdowns aren’t a new occurrence for us, yet

Moaning Molly’s Massive Meltdown-child colouring pictures in at a table in the library-meltdown-tantrum-mum guilt

The other day I took Molly to the local library for a toddler time session. Anything like this is hit and miss with Molly. She’s not a fan of group activities but I take her to encourage her to mix with other kids. She’s starting school in September and there’s going to be a lot

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Hi there! Welcome to the Serenely Sam blog and my very first post! I’m Sam, and prior to blogging here at Serenely Sam, you could find me blogging as Stressy Mama. I dedicated a year of my life to the Stressy Mama blog but I needed a change! You can read more about me on