• Little Ways To Help Your Children Enjoy School
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    Little Ways To Help Your Children Enjoy School

    Getting your children to enjoy school is probably going to be one of the hardest things that you’ll ever do. When they’re younger, they might absolutely love going to nursery and their younger years of primary school. As they start to get a little bit older, you will soon notice that they would rather be anywhere else in the world than at school! But, we all know how important it is that our children get the education they need to have the best start in life when they leave school. These little ways to help your children enjoy school could ensure that they have a burning love for school for…

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    Baby’s First Winter: Keeping Them Safe and Sound in the Colder Months

    Winter is beautiful- with icicles hanging from window ledges, frost dusted cobwebs and a layer of pure white snow on the ground it makes everything look picture perfect. However, winter does come with risks that aren’t an issue in other seasons, and as a new mother, you’ll be particularly wary of the dangers of the world. Here are some of the ways you and your baby can get through winter in the safest possible way.   Be wary of babies overheating It’s easy to over compensate when the weather is chilly as we’re so worried about our baby getting cold. But actually, wrapping them up too warm and having the…

  • 15 Free Activities To Do With Kids-kids playing outside-summer holidays-school holidays-things to do with the kids-activities-family life-outdoors

    15 Free Activities To Do With Kids

    I think most people would agree with me when I say that the school holidays cost a blummin’ fortune. Whether it’s childcare or days out, the price soon starts to add up, doesn’t it? So what can we do to keep the cost down? I asked a group of fabulous bloggers for their ideas and they came up with these 15 free activities to do with kids…   Home Based… 1. Our favourite is making homemade ice-lollies and splashing in the paddling pool. – Hayley Muncey,  Miss Manypennies 2. We love the Summer Reading Challenge.  I also encourage them to keep a scrapbook to keep them writing! – Jenny Kearney, The Gingerbread House 3.…

  • What Should A Child Know Or Be Able To Do Before Starting School?-primary school-new start-big school-parenting-lifestyle-reception class

    What Should A Child Know Or Be Able To Do Before Starting School?

    Starting school is a big step in every child’s development, isn’t it? It’s the end of an era. Our babies are officially not babies any more. They are fully fledged children. In the big school! We are parents of school-aged children. When did that happen? Seriously? It seems like four minutes since my baby was born, not four years. I’m not sure I’m ready for her to not be a baby. But, emotions aside, what should a child know or be able to do before starting school? How can we best prepare them so they easily settle into school? I asked my fellow bloggers for their opinions and this is what they…

  • Is my summer baby ready for big school?-Starting school-Primary school-not a baby anymore-New start-Parenting-School Uniform

    Is My Summer Baby Ready For Big School?

    Like many parents out there, my little girl will be starting school for the first time in September. I am so not ready for my baby to be going to big school. She’s a baby! Okay, I know she isn’t actually a baby anymore, but I think compared to some of the other children that will be starting school with her, she does seem very baby like. This has left me asking the question, ‘is my summer baby ready for big school?’ Molly, born mid-July, is a summer baby and has only just turned four. Yet, some of her soon to be classmates, my niece Jess included, will be turning…

  • Mood Swing Whiplash-two kids at beach-happy times-bad moods-tantrums-mood swings-threenager-fournado-parenting

    Mood Swing Whiplash

    Is mood swing whiplash a thing? I’m pretty sure it must be because I’ve got it from my daughter. Seriously, one minute it’s all smiles and laughter, the next it’s all scowls and tantrums. I can’t keep up. She goes from one extreme to the next in an instant, and I’m left standing there confused and scratching my head. Molly is prone to meltdowns, and while they are hard to deal with, we know what they are. We know she’s having a sensory overload and is struggling to cope. We mostly know what to expect and how best to deal with them. But the mood swings and general tantrums, well,…

  • Am I a Bad Parent?-mother and daughter on beach-parenting-behaviour-tantrum-threenager

    Am I A Bad Parent?

    Am I a bad parent? Or does my child just know how to wind me up? Parenting is hard, we all know that. Our kids really know which buttons to press, don’t they? But have you ever found yourself questioning your parenting skills? I know I have! I didn’t know whether to write this post or not because it’s quite personal and probably portrays me as a lunatic and/or the world’s worst mother. But, I decided to share it anyway because I am sure it will resonate with a lot of other parents. Or at least that’s what I tell myself so I feel a little bit better. Last week…