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Caravanning With Kids: Things To Think About

With the nights drawing in and the temperatures begin to drop, our thoughts are turning to planning next years holiday. After all, we all need something to look forward to, to help us get through the long winter. If you have children, a holiday can be expensive, but we have found the perfect and affordable way of exploring our wonderful country – caravanning!

If you have a caravan big enough to fit your brood in, and a reliable and robust car, such as an approved used Land Rover, to tow it, you can have years of fun for very little money after the initial expense. To make those trips stress free for the whole family, here are some tips.


As lovely as lots of family walks and bike rides and paddling in the sea is, in this country, we cannot guarantee the weather, so it is pretty crucial to make sure that you have something to pull out of the bag when the skies are looking a bit threatening. Space will be limited, b dut puzzles, games and books don’t take up much room, and of course, there is always the trusty tablet for a bit of screen-time. If you don’t have a TV in the caravan, consider buying a portable DVD player to snuggle up with under the duvets on an evening.


The great thing about caravanning is that you always have your car with you, so you can nip off to the nearest supermarket to do a shop, or if you are super organised, take food with you. Again though, it is important to remember that space is at a premium. Tinned food which is easy to heat up on a hob is always a good idea, as is pasta and dried noodles. If the weather is good, you could always buy a disposable barbecue and flip a few burgers!


Toilets, or a lack of toilets, is what puts many people off caravanning, especially if they have young children. Some luxury caravans do have one, but many don’t, and let’s face it, no one wants a middle of the night trek in the rain to a toilet block with a child desperate for the loo! To make life a little easier, you might want a portable potty which can be used in the night and emptied in the mornings.

Things to do

Before you jump into your car and hook the caravan up, it is worth thinking about what you want to do when you arrive at your destination. Are you planning on exploring the local area by foot, or would it be a good idea to purchase a bike rack and take them along with you? If there is lots of open space where you are going, pop a football or cricket set in the boot, and if you are heading to the coast, don’t forget the all-important bucket and spade.

A caravan can be the perfect base for a family holiday – pack wisely and embrace the cosiness, and you’ll have a break you will never forget!

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