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Buying The Perfect Gift – Plan Before Purchase

Gift giving, it is a fine art. And we all know someone who will grab something in a sale and hope for the best. But the best gifts are about the effort that was made, the thought that was put into it. It doesn’t matter about the cost (for most people). Thought goes a long way. So if you are done with stressing over what to give to the people you love, and want a simple route to success, here are some tips for you. 


You know the person well. Sometimes when we are shopping, there is a pressure to ‘grab something’ just because you are in the store at the time. And while that is nice and you’ll give a gift at the end of it, who really needs another votive set or a pack of socks? (Socks are a useful gift though FYI). Write down all of the things that they do for hobbies, any business ideas that they have had and what they are currently into. Your list should be pretty long in the space of a few minutes, and it will give you a great jumping-off point. 


There are a lot of subscription boxes that are great gift ideas. You can arrange and pay for them on a monthly basis, but it is usually cheaper to get them in 3,6,9 or 12 monthly payments. There are men’s grooming, stationery, beauty, food, and so many more options. There is pretty much something for everyone, and it is the gift that keeps on giving – literally. 

Personalized Gifts

It might be a notebook, or perhaps a nice pen or something more significant. Personalized gifts are really cool to get. Printed or stitched, something always feels more special when it has your name written on it. Shop at to see a whole range of ideas. 


Perhaps you want to do something even more personal. If you only seem to meet your friends for a quick coffee, or snatched time because you’re usually busy. Then write down a list of dates that you are free so that your friend can choose one, and on that night you can cook a spectacular meal. Or book tickets to a show, talk or music act that you know that your friend loves, and you can go together. 


We all have things that we need. And it might be something like a toilet brush, or a really good potato peeler. New bed sheets or indicator bulbs. Of if they are starting a business or freelancing considers things like hiring a virtual assistant for a month or checking out software that can help them automate what they do. Sometimes what we need isn’t always fancy, but it is practical and useful – and therefore it makes a great gift. 

And, for the person who has everything, or really doesn’t enjoy getting gifts – give to a charity that you know they would approve of. Animal sanctuaries, homelessness, children’s homes… there are a lot of options, so think of something that they would want to give to and do that. 

Giving the best gifts is easy if you plan in advance and think outside the box. 

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