Bringing Home Baby: Getting Your Home Ready For a Newborn
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Bringing Home Baby: Getting Your Home Ready For a Newborn

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of holding your newborn in your arms, that rush of overwhelming love is on another level to anything else you will ever have experienced in your life. But it’s holding them for the first time, when they’re so tiny that you realise just how delicate they are. And as their parent, it’s your job to protect this little life and ensure they’re kept safe and happy. One important thing to get right is ensuring your home is safe, and chances are you’ll have spent the weeks and months leading up to the birth making sure everything is just right. If you’re expecting, here are a few things to consider when you’re preparing your home.

Get the temperature right

Babies need to be kept at the right temperature, getting too warm or cold can be incredible dangerous and even lead to death. Have a company like Colchester Boiler Installations come and check your boiler, ensure it’s all in working order and isn’t on it’s last legs ready to break down! If you live in a warm part of the world (or your baby will be born in the midst of the summer) you might want to consider having an air conditioning unit installed. Hang a thermometer on the wall so you can keep tabs on the temperature and make sure it’s just right.

Keep it clean

A newborn baby’s immune system is extremely underdeveloped, meaning germs and bacteria that aren’t an issue for us can be potentially deadly to them. Be aware of things like black mould (which can grow where you can’t see it, such as behind furniture) and dust mites. These accumulate in old pillows, duvets and mattresses in the house, as well as under beds and on top of furniture. Make sure your home is clean for when your baby comes home, ideally clean using natural products so there aren’t dangerous chemicals lurking in the air. Regular supermarkets stock lots of eco friendly brands these days, they’re not hard to find.

Remove hazards

It will be quite some time before your baby is crawling around and reaching for things. But it’s worth baby proofing your home anyway, get it done early and get used to having things this way. You’ll also want to avoid any other hazards in the home, piles of clutter or shoes that can be tripped over while you’re holding your newborn. Loose carpet or flooring which again could cause you to trip. Items piled up on top of cupboards that can fall. Have a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm fitted too if you haven’t already. Fire extinguishers too can save your life in a worst case scenario situation.

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