Baby's (First) Day Out
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Baby’s (First) Day Out

For many mums, the days immediately after birth are pretty surreal. As well as recovering from the physical and hormonal trials of delivery, this is an adjustment period to parenthood. That’s why many mums don’t take their babies outside for a fair few weeks. Eventually, though, for your sake and theirs, you’ll need to face your baby’s first trip outside.

This is one of those strange newborn experiences that are often harder than you expect. It’s only a case of heading out of the house, after all. How hard can it be? The fact is, though, that leaving the house can be confusing when you haven’t done it in a while. Think about how it feels to get back to work after you’ve been off sick! Add to that the pressure of suddenly taking your baby out of the safe space you’ve created, and it quickly becomes overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to make your baby’s first trip a little easier for you to handle.

Stock up on supplies which make your life easier

Stocking up on all the items you’re going to need for ease is vital before your big trip. Pushchairs are, of course, a massive part of this, and options with storage space for toys or blankets underneath can be a huge help. You’ll also need a nappy bag with space for everything you’ll require, including bottle holders and sections for nappy supplies. As soon as you know where everything is if you need it, you should find this whole process easier to undertake.

Never go alone

There’s going to come a time when you have to take your baby out alone, but now is not it. For this first trip, taking someone with you is vital. We aren’t suggesting you bring the whole family along for this momentous occasion, of course. That’ll stress you out even more! Instead, make sure that your partner or closest friend accompanies you. That way, there’s someone else around to stop you from slipping into panic and also to help you along the way.

Give yourself plenty of time

Popping out for coffee might have taken an hour in your past life, but the same can’t be said now you have a baby. Everything from prep for going out to your trips themselves is guaranteed to take almost double the time these days thanks to feeding and setbacks. Make sure you schedule for this on your first outing. If you feel you’re slipping behind or need to rush, you’re going to get yourself tied in knots. Instead, it’s worth freeing up the whole afternoon and getting used to the extra time it takes to travel with a baby. Then, you’ll be better able to schedule for things like appointments later on.

Scary as it seems, this first visit is one of those momentous occasions you’ll want to remember. Once you’ve taken care of these basics, then, try to enjoy the process. Your baby only gets one first outing, remember!

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