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Baby on Board? Create a Happy and Healthy Home Environment Today!

Finding out that you’re having a baby is an exciting, overwhelming and daunting time. If you are a first time mother, you want to do everything in your power to make sure this little bundle of joy has the best welcome into this world. Your goal is to make your home look tidy, calm and inviting for your new family member. Nesting is a huge part of the later stages of pregnancy, so if you haven’t already started, you will soon find out what it feels like!

Be Smarter With Space

Even though they are teeny weeny when they first enter the world, a baby can take up a lot of space. You will need space in your bedroom for a small crib and there needs to be a place downstairs for a practical changing station and bouncy chair. You might want to consider hiring a skip bin if you have a lot of unnecessary clutter lying around the house. This will help you to clear plenty of space for your new arrival. Never underestimate how much space a newborn baby takes up!

Deep Clean and Reduce Chemicals

It is always a good idea to deep clean your home before the arrival of your little bundle. Try to steer clear of toxic chemicals and opt for more natural cleaning products. Steam clean your carpets, wash their new clothes with non-bio laundry detergent and dust off those top surfaces that have always been tricky to reach. Once you have carried out a deep clean you will feel so much better.


Decorating the nursery is one of the most exciting parts of having a baby. Keep it neutral if you don’t know which gender you are having and pick a calming theme. There are so many beautiful ways in which you can decorate your little one’s nursery, from mobiles to stunning artwork on the walls. You might want to choose an animal, shape or under the sea theme for your little ones new humble abode. Just remember that their bedroom needs to be a relaxing and calming environment for them to sleep in, so don’t provide too much unnecessary stimulation. A small mobile, a musical toy and a couple of teddies are the perfect way to add those finishing touches to their new space. Once you have painted the walls, built their cot and added the final accessories you will feel more prepared than ever!

The lead up to the birth of your baby can seem like the longest stretch of time ever. You are constantly watching the clock and checking your symptoms online. Try to enjoy those last few weeks and days with your partner, because your lives will never be the same again. Your home will be more than ready for your new baby, but you need to be well rested and prepared too. Enjoy this exciting time as much as you can and take pride in your beautifully baby friendly home.

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