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At Home With Nature: Bringing More Wildlife Into Your Garden

Whether you are moving to the countryside or thinking about getting closer to nature, one simple approach is to invite wildlife into your garden. Doing this isn’t just the perfect opportunity to watch nature close but it’s also so away for you to help mammals, bugs, and birds survive. What can you do to bring more animals and wildlife into your garden so you can do your bit for the countryside?

Create A Wilderness Area

If you live in the countryside you have wilderness pretty much on your front door. But if you are are trying to entice mammals in creating a wilderness area can slowly start to get this in motion. You might also want to think about the environmental aspects of the area. If you don’t know that the space is safe enough to invite wildlife in or you have concerns, there are ecological consultancy firms like Arbtech Consulting Ltd that can help. But if you get the go-ahead you can start to leave piles of dead wood to encourage beetles and grubs or leave an area of your lawn to overgrow so it mimics a meadow which will bring in mammals to feed on the insects and grass.

Set Up Nesting Boxes

If you want to encourage birds to breed you can set up a collection of nesting boxes. If you are looking to entice different types of birds you have to remember that you need different types of boxes. Make sure that when you put them up that they are away from the elements. And timing is crucial. Make sure that you put them up before the spring so you don’t put a spanner in the works during breeding season. 

Grow Wildflowers

If you want to entice bees and butterflies wildflowers will attract many. If you’re looking to bring in more bees to pollinate an open structured flower is crucial. Picking flowers that aunt over bread will be the best way to encourage buzzing activity. Plants like cornflowers and bluebells are the best way to create a hive of activity. And flowers like buddleia are particularly good at attracting butterflies.

Set Up A Water Feature

If you are looking to diversify your little ecosystem a pond is the best way to draw in frogs keep fish as well as dragonflies! If you can’t set up a pond there are suppliers like Pond Planet that can set up a perfectly good water feature. Encouraging your underwater habitat is easily done by putting plants like broadleaf pondweed and water lilies.

Install A Bird Feeder

You don’t even have to buy one, you can make one yourself. You can make a bird feeder using a hanging basket filled with unsalted peanuts. You can also purchase seed mixes and fat balls for cheap but if you’re feeling particularly flash with the cash you can offer bacon rind and grated cheese!

Encouraging wildlife into your garden is that perfect opportunity to witness nature close. There are so many different ways to do it that if you don’t get out into nature much you can just have them come to you! 

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