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All Style And All Substance: Designing Your Home Well

Practicality and comfort should go hand in hand when designing a home. Yet, people so often choose one or the other. Obviously, the most important thing is that your house feels warm and inviting. It’s your home, after all. But the design of your humble abode plays a big part in this. Our feelings are influenced by our environment. If the appearance of your house is shabby, then you won’t feel comfortable and happy in your own home. So, your household should be all style and all substance. Here’s how you can design your home well. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you.

Focus on warmth

In order to combine both style and substance in your home, you need to focus on warmth in every room. Designing your house in a fashionable way, but make sure you don’t compromise on practicality. For instance, you should use rugs and cushions in your living to insulate the room and keep yourself warm, but you should make sure these creature comforts are well-designed. Get yourself a comfortable couch, but make sure it’s modern and stylish, too. You might also want to get yourself a stylish wall heater. Obviously, heaters are practical and necessary parts of any home, but they should also be well-designed and blend in well with the other furnishings in a room. The point is that functionality doesn’t have to come at the expense of design.

Make the place feel personal

If you want to design your home well, then it needs to feel personal. It’s easy to make a stylish house that looks like a showhome if you have some money, but you probably don’t want that. That’s the perfect example of “all style and no substance”. You don’t want to feel as if you’re a guest in somebody else’s home. To truly create a stylish and welcoming household, you need to add personal touches throughout your abode. For instance, you and your family could create some homemade artwork to hang on the walls. This would definitely make your house feel unique. After all, you wouldn’t just be buying commercial art that’s in thousands of other homes; you’d be creating something that’s one of a kind.

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Design a comfortable garden area

We’ve talked about improving the inside of your home, but the outside is crucial, too. You need to design a comfortable garden area if you want your entire household to feel warm and inviting. In much the same way as the rest of your home improvement projects, you should start off by improving the aesthetic of your outdoor space. Fix up any flowers (or plant new ones). Trim back overgrown weeds. Perhaps you could even plant new trees. Once you’ve spruced up the natural side of your garden, you can start to focus on your creature comforts. This should feel like an outdoor living room. Create a welcoming patio with cushioned seating, a dining table, and perhaps even an awning for shelter. This will help to make your garden feel enticing. Remember, it’s all about combining style and substance.

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