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A New Look for the New Year

Most of us consider making significant changes when we reach the start of a new year. You might think about losing weight or increasing your fitness and improving your health. You might even be thinking about making bold changes to your lifestyle or career. It’s a time for reflection and looking forward, and the perfect time to make some changes if you are eager to do so. 

But, that doesn’t mean that there needs to be a new you, or that you should feel pressured into becoming different. Chances are, the old you is pretty fab, and learning to love yourself might be a better way to focus your energies. That said, there’s nothing wrong with making a few changes to your look, if you are feeling a little bored (which is especially common if you have been wearing the same winter clothes for months) and fancy a change, here are some things that you could try in the New Year. 

Keep What You Like, Ditch What You Don’t

A new look doesn’t have to mean that you change absolutely everything. Sometimes a few simple changes can make you feel much more confident and happier with your appearance. So, think about the things that you love, whether it’s the colours that you wear, your hair, or your makeup choices. Keep these and find ways to highlight them. Then, think about the things that you are bored of and ditch them. 

Try Specs

It’s incredible how much glasses can change your appearance. If you know someone that always wears glasses, you might have, at some point, been surprised when seeing them without. Glasses change the shape of your face and highlight different areas. They can help you to feel more powerful and confident. 

Alternatively, you could go the other way. If you wear glasses all of the time, buy contact lenses online to give yourself another option.

Alter Your Makeup Routines

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If like me, you are a busy mum, you might have your makeup routine down to a finely tuned process. This might mean that you wear precisely the same makeup every day, and have done for years. Perhaps adding a little extra for a big night out. 

Making small changes, like trying a bolder lipstick or gloss, or adding an extra sweep of mascara, can make a huge difference. If you’ve got time, head to a beauty counter for some tips or look at makeup tutorials online. 

Branch Out from Your Usual Colours

Most of us are guilty of sticking to dark, safe colours, especially in wintertime. But, wearing black, navy and dark grey all the time can be incredibly dull. Add some colour with patterned trousers, or a bright coat, or just accessories your darks with a colourful scarf and hat. You might even cheer yourself up. 

Find Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Sometimes how we feel about our look has nothing to do with what we are wearing, our makeup, or what we do with our hair. It’s about how we feel about ourselves. Sure, making changes to your wardrobe can make you feel more confident. But, finding ways to work on your confidence, and standing taller, can also have a significant impact on how you look. 

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