A Beginner's Guide To Running For A Healthier You
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A Beginner’s Guide To Running For A Healthier You

Marathon season will soon be here, which is a great excuse for guilting yourself into being more active. Running can be a fantastic way to keep fit, helping you burn off fat while also boosting your heart health, but it’s not for the faint-hearted. If you’re interested in taking up running but don’t know where to begin, then this beginner’s running guide is for you. Read on and learn some basic running to help you get started.

Invest in the right training gear

This is probably the most important part of learning to run – the clothing. Without the right footwear, you run the risk of serious injury, while having the right clothing can help you feel more comfortable running in all kinds of weather. Get your feet assessed at a running specialist store to help you pick the right trainers. Meanwhile, custom arch supports can be great for reducing the impact running has on your feet to keep you going for longer. If you’re serious about giving running a go, then make sure you’ve got everything you need first.

Create a training plan

A training plan is a must if you’re going to train for a half-marathon, marathon or any kind of distance race. Creating a running plan can help you build up your stamina and fitness over time to help you achieve those longer distances. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to train before any big race, but factor in those important rest days too.

Use playlists to boost your motivation

Let’s face it, running can be boring. You’re too out of breath to talk to anyone and there’s nothing to do except keep your eyes on the road in the front of you. However, finding a playlist for running that keeps you happy and excited will give you some motivation to help you carry on. You could also consider listening to podcasts each time you run, especially those that are a story that you’ll want to book in a run just to find out what happens next!

Don’t neglect other forms of training

While running can be an excellent way to stay fit, you’ll want to think about adding in other forms of exercise to work out your whole body and keep things interesting. Strength training is great for building muscles that will make you a better runner, while exercises like yoga and pilates can keep you supple and boost your joint health for added mobility. A mix of training styles will help you become fit and healthy, ready to tackle any fitness challenge you set yourself.

Running can be an amazing way to stay fit, and joining a running club could also be a good way to meet new people too. If you’ve been feeling stressed lately, then taking care of your health through exercise and better eating could help you turn things around. Take your new running routine one step at a time and you might just find yourself with an exciting new hobby that not only keeps you busy but keeps you well too.

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