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A Beautiful Life Out In The Sticks

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful life. But when you think about your life at the minute, it’s probably not going to be one that’s full of all of the things you truly want to do. Your life at the minute is probably plagued with the same adult responsibilities that everyone else is having to deal with. But when you think about it, life is truly what you make of it, and you have to learn what to prioritise in your life, and how you can go about getting it. So it might be that you have to reevaluate your life, and start putting your own needs, and the needs of your family first. Stop thinking about work, pleasing your extended family, making friends happy, whatever else is on your mind on a day to day basis, and start thinking about what you actually want from life.

If it’s a calm life with hardly any troubles, and build up of madness, and people around you 24/7, then why not think about relocating to somewhere much more tranquil. The majority of you reading this will live in a built up city, and feel like you’re crowded by buildings and cars. Whereas a life in the sticks wouldn’t put you so far away that you’re too far away, but it will just give you that peace and quiet that you need. We want to try and convince you why considering a move and adopting a new lifestyle is what you should be doing. So sit back and relax, and let us show you what we think you should be doing.

Let’s Start With The Benefits

We want to start off by thinking about the benefits that you’re going to have from a move like this. So the first benefit is the one it’ll have on your health. It’s no secret that the cities and built up areas that we’ve created are polluting the planet massively. If you have a look at the life expectancy and overall health of people living in built up areas, it’s lower than those that are living out in the sticks, surrounded by nature and all of the beauty that it brings.

Without being able to see it, or perhaps without even realising the effects it’s having, the pollution coming from these areas is something we should all be trying to escape. So that’s one benefit, but the next comes in terms of safety. There are so many dangerous things going on in this world at the minute, and nearly all of them are aimed at most of the major cities across the world. From theft to terrorism, rates are always higher in cities rather than in a rural area. In a rural area, it’s more of a vibe where everyone knows each other, there are small businesses in little villages that support the community, and the community supports them. You’ll feel like a part of a group, rather than feeling like you’re being pushed from pillar to post walking down the street! There are many more benefits that we could have began talking about, but we’ll leave the rest up to you and the research that you decide to do!

The Type Of Lifestyle You Could Have

Everyone seems to be obsessed with their lifestyle at the minute. You’ve got people who are obsessed with their lifestyle to the point where it seems like they couldn’t do anymore to make it as healthy and as exciting as possible. Then you’ve got the group of people who love to think about their lifestyle and how they want it to be, but don’t actually do much in terms of getting out there and achieving it.  But when you don’t live in such a crowded area, surrounded by all of the different fast food restaurants, and hardly any space to actually get out and do something outdoorsy, you start to realise that maybe a change of scenery is necessary.

If you were to move somewhere that was a bit more rural, you would have so many different walks you could go on, it’s a much better area to get a dog so they can explore, and you’ll be able to have a new type of family fun. It’s so much easier to get out and about when the area that you live in is so beautiful. Even if it just be a family walk each weekend, it’s no doubt going to be different to what you’re used to! But a lot of it is to do with your own mindset as well, because even if you don’t choose to move to somewhere a bit out of the way of the city hustle and bustle anytime soon, you’re still going to have to think about your lifestyle, and how much it’s going to affect your health as you get older. If you were to be the type of person to go to work, eat rubbish at your desk all day, and then go home to do nothing but put a microwavable meal in because you couldn’t be bothered to cook, then your lifestyle is going to catch up with you eventually. All it takes is two weeks of solid commitment to eating right, and just simply going for a walk each night after work, your body will repay you when you get older. The eating right part of things will become so much easier after two weeks as well, it will become more of a force of habit, rather than something you’re struggling to do.

A Different Upbringing For Your Children

As soon as you have children, they will become your whole life and be all that you think about. Pretty much everything you do becomes focused around them, and making sure that they’re able to live their life right. But you have to sit and think for a minute, and wonder where they’re going to get the best life from. If you were to raise them in the city, they would be surrounded by people and opportunities all of the time. But then you have to wonder what sorts of people they would find themselves surrounded by, and what influence they might have on them. You’ll generally find that raising children somewhere more rural is going to give them a far better life. They’ll have more adventure, more family time, and it’s not like you’re going to be completely isolated. You will obviously live in a village or town somewhere, where there will also be like minded families to bond with. You could get them involved in sports classes and whatever else is going on in the area, and they just generally won’t be distracted by city life! If you live just outside of a city as well, they’ll still have easy access to it as they get older, which will generally mean better education and career opportunities.

A More Planet Friendly Way Of Life

Saving the planet is what we should all be thinking about, and even though it’s becoming more of a pressing matter as of late, we don’t feel like the public is doing enough to combat it. But when you live in a built up city surrounded by everything that’s making the planet vulnerable, we get it would be hard. However, if you were to live out in the sticks, it gives you more freedom to create a self sustaining home that will benefit the environment. From using small water tanks to have a constant water supply that doesn’t run off the mains, to growing your own fruit and vegetables, you’ll generally have more space to do it all. You will just feel like you’re doing more for the planet when you’re not surrounded by tall buildings and traffic all of the time. You could also make your home far more environmentally friendly by focusing on solar panel energy. No matter where you live, this is definitely something that you should consider doing, simply because the world needs more homes that aren’t relying on national electricity suppliers to supply their electric. We’re ruining our planet by doing so!

More For Your Money

Life is all about saving money at the minute, because it would seem that the more time that passes us by, the more expensive things seem to get. When you having a growing family to look after, things definitely seem to get more on the expensive side. And when it comes to your home, you definitely won’t be able to get as much for your money as you would do if you were to go to a rural area. People are paying for the city price, and houses and apartments are being built so quickly because the demand is there, but the demand is not being met. New builds are becoming more expensive, and so are older homes because people know that the city vibe is what a lot of home buyers are looking for. So, take some time to check out a tranquil area, not too far from a city so you still have easy access, and see how much it would cost you.

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