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5 Ways To Stay Healthy (And Happy) While Pregnant

Trying to stay healthy while pregnant? It’s easy to keep yourself healthy but forget about your emotional health and wellbeing. Lots of blog posts list the virtues of keeping your body healthy, without really focusing on the importance of staying happy. Here’s 5 ways to manage your health and happiness levels while pregnant.

Eat Healthily (But Enjoy Yourself Too)

You and your baby need to be nurtured with plenty of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and strong. Foods like spinach, bananas and lean meats are the perfect way to keep your body going through pregnancy. Unfortunately, you might have to avoid things like raw eggs, and sushi, as fish might be high in mercury. Having said that, you are not just a baby-making machine! You need to take a break and enjoy your food. Just try to cut back on the saturated fats as much as possible.

Avoid The Addictive Things (And Get Moving)

You know that smoking, drinking and even caffeine all go out the window when you’re pregnant. So it might be time to develop a new (gentler) addiction! Try exercise. You don’t have to go too far, but even 15 minutes of walking a day will boost your health, and your happiness. Check out pregnancy-friendly yoga classes too. Swimming also is easy on the body as it keeps you buoyant while still maintaining your fitness levels.

Indulge Those Aches And Pains

You don’t have to take back or pelvic pain as an established part of pregnancy. You can treat yourself and seek out an expert opinion. With a referral from your doctor, you should be able to try a chiropractor to help manage those aches and pains. All chiropractors should be trained to handle pregnancy and also be a pediatric chiropractor, so you have the added benefit of looking after your little one after giving birth.

Start Some Classes

Are you feeling unprepared? Is it your first baby? Try to alleviate your concerns by attending some baby-prep classes to get ready for your new arrival. Antenatal classes are the perfect way to feel prepared, covering everything from controlling breathing during birth, to how to change a nappy. It’s also a great place to meet women going through exactly the same thing as you.

More Sleep Less Stress

Increasing your sleep is a fantastic way to stay healthy and happy while pregnant. But do you get a good night’s sleep? The answer may well be no if you’re uncomfortable or stressed. Which is completely natural! But there are ways to combat feelings of intense stress during pregnancy. A good way is through meditation, to relax your mind and body. Try to do this before going to sleep and minimise your stress before bedtime.

Taking steps to destress and keep yourself relaxed is also one of the best ways to keep yourself both happy and physically healthy. It’s easy to feel out of control when you can’t manage what your body is doing during pregnancy. Through taking the above steps, you can regain some control over what happens to you and your body ahead of your new bundle of joy.

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