5 Ways To Get That Great Home Aesthetic On A Budget
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5 Ways To Get That Great Home Aesthetic On A Budget

‘Aesthetic’ is a word that we hear being thrown around a lot. Whilst we commonly understand it to describe the way that something looks, it actually has a connotation of beauty: in particular, enjoying great beauty. We all want to walk into our homes and feel like we’re enjoying a work of art, but how can you actually do this, and can you really achieve that perfect home aesthetic without splashing out a lot of cash in the process?

We’ve noted down 5 ways that you can do so here.

#1: Go vintage

If you want to make sure that your home is beautiful, then going vintage is a good idea. Not only can you find some real steals in charity shops and second hand markets, but they generally look amazing, and will really spruce up your home. You can add a whole range of things to your house or apartment, from vintage chairs to prints and ornaments. Do a bit of shopping around, and see what you can find.

#2: Be daring with paint

Paint is one of those things that really makes a room stand out, and you don’t always need to go with classic, light colours. Be a bit daring, and paint one of the walls in your space a brighter colour, so that you can make it a big focal point in the room. This doesn’t cost a lot, and you can paint it yourself if you have a bit of a DIY streak. Whatever you do, don’t just opt for dull creams!

#3: Focus on the fundamentals

No home can truly live up to an aesthetic if it is falling apart at the seams. Whilst there are some fundamentals that can cost a little more to change – those concerning a specialist roofing contractor, for example – there are some jobs that you can do yourself, and they won’t break the bank. If you’ve got an ever-growing list of odd jobs to complete, then focus upon that for a while.

#4: Use plants wisely

Plants will also make a huge difference to your home aesthetic on a budget, and they can fill in those gaps where there just seems like something else should be added. Bringing the outside in is good for your mental and physical health, and it creates a super calming atmosphere for your guests, too. You can also buy plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance if you’re not too green-fingered.

#5: Express your personality

In truth, achieving the right home aesthetic is dependent upon one major factor: how much of your own personality you’re willing to put into it. If you’re a lover of a certain type of art, then hang it on the walls, and if you’re interested in a specific era of decor, then include that, too. You don’t need to follow trends; the best aesthetic will be the one that reflects who you are, and is (mostly) timeless as a result, so be inventive with your budget.

So, if you want to make your home a hub of beauty without splashing the cash, then follow these 5 simple tips. Ultimately, think about what you love!

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