Want to keep your home secure against the threat of burglary?
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5 Ways To Deter Burglars From Your Home

Want to keep your home secure against the threat of burglary? Whilst window locks and burglar alarms can prevent thieves from breaking in, there may be more effective ways of stopping burglars getting in – and that’s to stop them from targeting your home in the first place. Here are five deterrents that could put burglars off from attempting a break in.

Keep a light on

Keeping a light on in your home when out could convince burglars that someone is still there. This could be a small lamp rather than an overhead light in order to save money on electricity – a small warm glow may be enough to put off thieves from entering.

Lights can also be set up on the exterior of your home. This can illuminate your home at night and put off burglars from approaching by making it easier for neighbours to spot a break-in. You can even use motion-sensing lights to save money on electricity.  

Install CCTV

CCTV isn’t just effective at recording criminals in the act – the sight of it is likely to put most burglars off from even attempting.  There are lots of outdoor home security cameras on the market that you can buy. Many modern cameras are motion sensing and can link up with your smartphone, allowing you to keep surveillance on your home wherever you may be in the world.

You can even buy a dummy camera simply as a deterrent (most burglars will be fooled by these, but be careful of those more cunning thieves that may be able to spot a fake camera).

Plant thorny plants strategically

A strategically placed thorny rosebush could be another way of deterring criminals. Consider places where burglars may hide or try to climb – this could include under a ground floor window ledge or just below your back fence. Most burglars will be immediately put off.

Hide valuables from sight

If burglars can’t see what’s inside your home to steal, they’re less likely to take the risk of breaking in. Don’t keep valuable near windows or on windows and lock away expensive outdoor equipment such as barbecues and lawnmowers. Use net curtains or blinds to distort the view into your home – these will still allow you to let light in without making it easy for people to see in. Don’t try to create privacy with a high hedge or wall – this may create a useful hiding place for burglars and prevent neighbours from spotting a break in, making your home a more likely target!

Get a dog

Having a dog can also be a great deterrent. Most dogs bark when a stranger enters their home – this makes it harder for burglars to break in undetected. Most burglars are likely to avoid your home the moment they approach and hear barking. Putting a sign outside saying ‘beware of the dog’ may also put off burglars. In fact, this sign could be worth putting up even if you don’t have a dog simply as an extra deterrent.

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