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5 Things To Know Before Moving To The Countryside

Moving to a rural area is a dream for many people, especially when you’ve spent years being subjected to the stresses of the big city. We all have ideas about what it’s going to be like… the rolling hills, the fresh air, and those beautiful countryside walks that can’t be experienced anywhere else.

However, before you pack your bags and head to the country, there are some things that you should know about your great escape. We’ve noted down five of them here to prepare you for your potential move.

#1: You may have to commute for longer

When you head to the countryside, you’ll probably have to commute for a longer period of time to get to your office. Of course, you may have planned all of this out and even relocated to a different office to make this work, but you still need to consider the job opportunities and commuting costs in your new rural area. Driving is likely to be one of the only options, unless there is a train station nearby.

#2: Some things are… lagging behind

Though there is nothing quite like the peace and serenity of the countryside, it has to be said that, well, there is the added serenity of having little phone signal and sometimes losing some of the luxuries that you take for granted in the city. Look into local rural broadband options, and buy a property that isn’t too far away from some key amenities. It’s not ideal when a store is only open for a few hours, but you will get used to this way of life.

#3: You’ll be more isolated

The isolation of the countryside is one of its positive traits, and one of its negative ones. The tranquility will allow you to really chill out in your new home, and there will be nothing quite like the peace and quiet that you can enjoy whilst sitting down with a good book. However, this also means that there are less people in the area, and isolation could become an issue if you don’t put yourself out there and do new things.

#4: It gets incredibly dark at night

When you live in the city, you get used to walking home underneath the street lights from wherever you’ve spent the evening. However, rural dwellers usually have to take torches with them if they’re making a quick evening dash to the store, or they could find that they are walking into trees on the way home. However, this is great news for stargazing enthusiasts, and offers the perfect sleeping conditions.

#5: You won’t want to leave

For all of the downsides of the countryside – the lack of people and, well, open stores – there is something simply magical about knowing that you have your own lovely abode amongst the rolling hills. The beauty of rural areas is that they offer tight knit communities, an unmatched tranquility and scenery that can’t be found elsewhere. After a few months of countryside living, you’ll never want to leave!

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