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5 Reasons Why Wood Flooring Is Perfect For Your Living Room

It comes as no surprise that many people fit carpets to their living room floors. After all, you can get carpets in a variety of styles, thicknesses, and, of course, colours. But, if you’re planning to give your living room a decor makeover, did you know that it could make better sense to literally tear up your carpet and stick with the wood flooring hidden underneath it?

If you’re not entirely convinced that wood flooring is for you, the following five reasons might persuade you otherwise:

1. Wood flooring will go with any colour scheme

Perhaps the biggest advantage to wooden floorboards or wood flooring, in general, is that it works well with any colour scheme! It doesn’t matter whether you’re thinking of a contemporary look with white walls or plan on using a kaleidoscope of colours. The simple fact is that wood flooring goes with any colour or combination of colours that you choose.

What’s more, you don’t have to stick with a stained effect for your wood flooring. You can buy durable floor paint for wood in a multitude of shades.

2. You can use underfloor heating with wood flooring

One of the biggest concerns to homeowners is that a room in their home with wood flooring will result in dropped temperatures. That’s because of the perception there is no warm “fluffy” flooring to walk on, especially when barefoot.

But, did you know that it’s easy to keep your living room warm enough with underfloor heating elements fitted beneath the flooring? Check out examples from to see what’s achievable with your living room.

3. You save on carpet costs

Let’s face it, the carpet in a high-traffic area of your home such as your living room will get worn down and stained quite a lot over the years. It’s virtually impossible to keep using the same carpet without the room starting to look tired or have a distinct odour emanating from the floor!

To combat that problem, homeowners typically have their carpets replaced every few years. The thing about wooden flooring is that you don’t have to concern yourself with such ongoing costs. All you need to do is make sure that it gets cleaned and perhaps stained with wood varnish or something similar once in a while.

4. You’ve got an excuse to buy a nice rug

Of course, some homeowners might not like the idea of having a bare wooden floor underneath their feet. A good compromise between wood flooring and carpets is to lay down a rug. They are cheaper to buy than carpets, and some even last longer as well. Take a look at to see some examples of chic rugs that might suit your living room.

5. You can easily create a rustic living room

Have you always wanted to create an old-fashioned living room from days gone by? It goes without saying that an easy way to get started is by getting rid of your carpet and sticking with the wooden flooring!

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