5 Incredible Ideas To Splash The Cash At Home
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5 Incredible Ideas To Splash The Cash At Home

If you have some readies in the bank and you’re keen to splash the cash, you couldn’t do much better than spending some of your hard earned savings on creating the perfect environment for your brood. By spending wisely, you could give your humble abode a makeover. From the living room to the garden and from the attic to the bathroom, you can revolutionize your pad to bring it into the twenty first century. Sometimes when we purchase our homes, we let things calm down for a little while and simply enjoy that feeling of being settled. There’s nothing better than knowing that the bricks and mortar that you are living in is yours. However, there comes a time when you want to put your own stamp on things.

Getting creative and using your flair for design to create your perfect home is fun. It can also be expensive. It’s wise to make a list of non-negotiables that you want to sort out before anything else. Then, set yourself a budget and stick to it. It’s always a good idea to add in a ten per cent contingency – things always crop up that you hadn’t thought of initially. Take a look at the sorts of areas you might choose to focus on within the home.

1. Kitchen

The kitchen really is the hub of the home. You could be cooking up gastronomic delights for your little darlings to enjoy, you might be helping them do their homework on the breakfast table, or you might simply be catching up with friends over coffee. Kitchens are no longer places to slave away over a hot stove. Knocked through to a dining room to make a large open plan living space, kitchens are now the heart of our homes.

If you fancy refreshing your kitchen, you might be tempted to look at new cabinetry. You might fancy swapping your shaker style cream units for a glossy gray affair. Whatever look you are going for, ensure that you shop around and utilize the different storage options to create a configuration that suits your lifestyle. Head to the showroom and take a look at the designs on offer. See if there are any ex-display models as these can be up to half price. Sure, the drawers might have been opened a couple of hundred times, but if the kitchen is still in sound working order, this just goes to show its quality.

2. Outside

It’s not always the interior of our homes that needs a refresh. Sometimes, the driveway needs to create a better first impression. It’s time to rip up the gravel based driveway and lay some tarmac, resin or brickwork to add a touch of neatness and creativity to your exterior. To protect your vehicle, you might like to explore the sorts of carports available. These are superb alternatives to garages and can prevent your car from freezing in the winter or overheating in the summer.

Mow the lawn every week, do the weeding when necessary and simply make the exterior to your property look neater and cleaner. A smart exterior really sets the tone for the rest of your humble abode.

5 Incredible Ideas To Splash The Cash At Home
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3. Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, so the old adage goes, and it’s true. While your bathroom may be the smallest room in your home, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Think about getting rid of the avocado or shocking pink suite and swapping it for a more pleasant white alternative. If you have the space, you may want the luxury of a separate shower or jacuzzi tub. Consider tiling the entirety of the walls and lay some clever slate effect lino. By doing these simple tweaks, you can keep costs relatively low and totally revolutionize the bathroom. Whip up a mirror and encourage the natural light to bounce around the room. With any luck, your new bathroom could look like something out of a swanky hotel suite.

4. Attic

While you might not fancy the expense of converting your loft into a master bedroom complete with ensuite, you might want to look into increasing the storage capacity of your home. Many people choose to leave their lofts as they are, never ever venturing up the ladder. However, by boarding the floor, you can utilize your attic space as a nifty little area to store those items that you don’t want on show, to help you clear the clutter and to store the Christmas tree and decorations.

If you do fancy converting at a later date you can, by insulating the walls, rejigging the configuration of the floor below and installing a new staircase. This is a mammoth job that requires professional assistance, and possible planning permission so ensure your finances are ready for such a hit.

5 Incredible Ideas To Splash The Cash At Home
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5. Bedrooms

It’s often the downstairs of our properties that take the brunt of our creative flair. This is the area our guests spend most time in, the part of the home we enjoy the most and where our focus tends to lie. However, try not to neglect your bedrooms. With a simple coat of white paint and a feature wall of 1960s inspired geometric wallpaper, you can tap into a trend that is very en vogue at the moment: modern vintage. With a touch of Scandinavian styling and some minimalist touches, you can give your bedroom a facelift and bring it into the twenty first century.

Having the money to renovate your home is a joy, so you want to make sure that you spend your money in the right places. Concentrate mainly on your interior but don’t forget about your exterior altogether. If your driveway looks awesome, consider taking a look at your back garden, creating zones or adding some subtle lighting. The possibilities are endless.  

Don’t be afraid of expressing your personality through your design. And always consider your lifestyle and the needs of your brood when creating your perfect pad. Use this guide to provide you with some inspirational design ideas for your humble abode.

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