4 Ways To Stop The Changing Seasons From Springing A Surprise
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4 Ways To Stop The Changing Seasons From Springing A Surprise

Hallelujah, the winter is finally over! It seems as if it’s been an eternity since summer but the nights are getting lighter and the weather milder. Before long, the sun will shine all day and the mercury will tip the scales. Okay, maybe that’s a bit optimistic but spring is still a cause for optimism!

Of course, the changing seasons often bring with them a few surprises. Some are good and others aren’t and it’s the latter homeowners need to focus on. If you don’t, they may ruin the experience. Here are four ways to ensure spring is sprung in a positive fashion.

Check The Exterior

It’s been a cold, icy couple of months and that can take its toll on the outside of the property. Along with strong winds, the bad weather can cause cracks, tears and missing slates in the roof. Considering spring isn’t the driest of months, it’s important to understand whether you need roof restoration services before there is a small flood. A simple trick is to spray water from the hosepipe onto the roof and to check for signs of water damage. Also, examine the doors and windows for gaps that may be problematic.

Prune The Greenery

One of the best parts of spring is the sunshine. Winter is a dark time and it can impact your mood. By letting in natural light, the sun’s UV rays will make you feel happier by encouraging the release of endorphins. However, the garden may act as a blocker depending on the type of plants and flowers. When shrubs grow again and trees blossom, they can cover the windows and prevent the sunshine from swathing the house. A smart move is to remove any branches that look as if they are level with the property by trimming them back or hiring a surgeon.

Test The Air Con

There is nothing worse than being reduced to a puddle on a hot day. While those days seem a long way away now, everything can change in an instant. We have global warming to thank for that. Testing the air con unit will ensure there isn’t an anticlimax when you decide to cool down during an Indian summer. Plus, it should alert you to any issues that need repairing. Cleaning is an excellent way to maintain the unit throughout the year even if you don’t use it often.

Check Your Gear

Some things aren’t necessary for the spring, and they are the things you’ve been using throughout the winter. From March onwards, you’ll need the lawnmower and the BBQ rather than a shovel and road salt. To save yourself time and effort, and to make the property less cluttered, be sure to put it away for a rainy day. Then, the house and the garden won’t be packed with items that are unnecessary.

If it doesn’t have a purpose for the spring, it shouldn’t be out in the open taking up space making life harder than it should be.

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