4 Rules To Follow When Building An Extension
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4 Rules To Follow When Building An Extension

As your family gets larger and the kids start getting older, you’ll need more space in the family home. If you find that you don’t have enough space, you could consider moving to a bigger house. But that’s expensive and very stressful so you want to avoid it where possible. If you like the neighbourhood that you live in and you work nearby, moving house might be a bit of a pain for you and the family. It also might mean moving your kids to a different school which is always stressful for them. So, you need to find a way to get the space you need without having to move house.

Building an extension on the house is the best way to do that. It’ll add value to the house and give you plenty of extra space, but it’s a difficult process. There are all sorts of things that could go wrong during an extension build so you need to make sure that you follow these rules.


Pick Contractors Carefully

Picking the right contractor is the most important step here. Price is important but it’s not the only thing that you need to think about. If you just go for the cheapest company you can find, you’re not going to get a good service and the quality of work won’t be good. You need to find a middle ground and find a company that is good at what they do and charges a reasonable price. The first place to start is recommendations from friends and family, that way you’ll be able to see first hand the quality of workmanship. Always check online reviews as well.


Don’t Cut Costs On Materials

Trying to stick to a budget is important but don’t sacrifice quality to do it. People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that they can save a bit of money low cost materials. But that’s never the way to go because the quality will suffer. You need to go to a proper building merchant like George Hill Timber to get your materials from somebody that knows what they’re doing. You can try to save money elsewhere in the build but don’t cut costs when it comes to materials.


Get The Size Right

You might think that you should just build the extension as big as possible but that’s not usually the best idea. You’re going to be eating into your outside space here so you need to make sure that you’re not making it too big. A huge extension can also dwarf the rest of the house and ruin the original property so you’ve got to be careful and find a good balance. It’s also important that you’re respecting your neighbors and not building a huge extension that ruins their view or blocks out the sun.


Plan To Go Over Schedule

The schedule that you’ve set for the build is probably going to go out of the window. There are always problems along the way so you should think of the schedule as a rough guide, not an exact figure. Add some extra time to your forecast so you’re not struggling if the build goes over schedule.


Follow these rules during the extension project and it’ll run a lot smoother.


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