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3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Get Your Home in Order

All of us have chores, tasks, and projects around the home that we know we really should be dealing with, but that we just keep putting off indefinitely.

In many cases, some of these “delayed” projects have been sitting around for years, never getting the attention they deserve.

Although it’s often necessary to be able to do things that you don’t feel “motivated” to do, a dose of motivation can certainly be nice, and can help you to stop working against yourself when it comes to getting your home in order.

So, here are a few ways to motivate yourself to finally start working on those home projects.

Spend some time imagining and visualising what your ideal home would look like

If you’re not too thrilled about the state of your current home, but don’t really feel any particularly strong motivation to give it a proper overhaul, then that might just be because you’re not spending enough energy imagining how good things could be.

Take some time to visualise what your ideal home would look like. Rustic grade wood flooring, a conservatory, skylights, whatever tickles your fancy.

Generally, when you spend some time on a visualisation exercise like that, you will be at least a bit more motivated to start organising things in the home you currently have, in order to bring it a bit closer to that golden, glowing paradigm of home excellence that you’ve just seen in your minds eye.

Work to reduce your stress levels in general, and your chores will naturally seem much more bearable

If you are extremely stressed, wired, and worked up, any minor setback is going to seem like a great personal tragedy, and any chore or errand is going to seem like an unbearable torture.

Of course, “stress” doesn’t just mean that you’ve got a lot on your plate. It specifically refers to the sensation that you are overwhelmed, that you are in over your head, and that you can’t handle it.

Importantly, the feeling of stress is largely driven by the stress hormone cortisol – which, if it remains elevated too high for too long, can do physical damage to your body, drain your energy levels, and wreck your mood.

Work to reduce your stress levels in general, whether that means eating more starchy food, having more hot baths, getting more sleep or taking the right herbal supplements. When your stress levels are lower, your chores will naturally seem much more bearable, and you’ll feel more motivated to take on different projects.

Come up with ways to make the chores and errands themselves more entertaining

Let’s say that one job you had to deal with, in order to get your home tidy and organised, was to pack away a seemingly never-ending amount of clutter, put things in the recycling, vacuum, and paint the walls, for days at a stretch.

For the majority of people, that’s a pretty grisly prospect, and not a very positive vision of a weekend.

Come up with ways to make the chores and errands that you have to deal with more entertaining, in and of themselves. Often, something as simple as listening to a good audiobook while you clean can make all the difference.

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