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3 Ways to Build The Momentum to Get Your Home Organised

It’s obviously better to have an organised, tidy, and neat home than to have one that’s completely upside down, filled with clutter, and haphazard.

It would be difficult to find anyone to disagree with that sentiment. But, just because it’s better to have a serene home than a chaotic one, that doesn’t mean that it’s actually easy to build up momentum and motivation to get your home organised in the first place.

If you find that you keep procrastinating on this task, here are a few ways to build momentum to get your home organised.

Break things down, and list each step out on paper

If your home is very messy, or if there are all sorts of different chores to undertake in order to get things up to scratch, then it can seem like there’s just too much to do, and no clear starting point to focus on.

If that’s the case, it can be very useful to sit down with a pen and paper, and to consciously break down the process of tidying up your home. What would it mean to get the living room organised? Then the bedroom? Are there different categories to manage, such as “throwing away rubbish” and “packing things in the cupboard?”

List each step you can come up with down on paper; preferably in a paper notebook so that it’s easy to keep track of everything, and so that you don’t end up creating additional mess.

From there, decide where to start, and get started. Don’t overthink things, just begin with some task that seems manageable.

Contact professionals to help you get things done

If there are tasks that you have to deal with in your home that you have no idea how to begin making headway on, or that are outside of your area of expertise, it’s no surprise that your first response would be to procrastinate.

Instead of doing that, though, consider contacting qualified professionals to help you get things done in a hurry. A bed bugs removal specialist, for example, will have all sorts of tricks for removing those incredibly tenacious pests from your home. Likewise, if your carpets are completely saturated with grime and dust, hiring a professional carpet cleaning company might massively simplify things.

Find ways to keep yourself entertained while you work

A lot of the chores that go into organising a home are not exactly deeply engaging or stimulating in and of themselves.

If you’re really not looking forward to dusting all the surfaces and vacuuming all the floors, then one great way of building up momentum and getting it done could be to find ways to keep yourself entertained while you work.

That might mean getting a pair of headphones and MP3 player, and listening to engaging audiobooks while you set about your chores. With so many different audiobook platforms available today, it’s likely that you would be able to find something that would either be very entertaining or deeply useful to you. 

Who knows, you might become so engrossed in the narration that you actually lose track of the hours passing while organising your home.

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