3 Tips for Simplifying Your Home Life
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3 Tips for Simplifying Your Home Life

Life can be hectic. Way too hectic, in fact.

Sure, we all love the benefits that come with having high speed internet connections, high resolution, flat-screen TVs, and smartphones that keep us connected to the world 24/7, but one trade-off we make for all of these benefits is that our attention is constantly scattered and dragged in a dozen or more different directions at any given moment.

That’s enough of a headache in and of itself, but when you combine the normal high level of ambient noise that comes with modern living, with a chaotic and complex home environment, stress can easily mount to levels that are difficult to bear.

Your home is, in theory, meant to be your inner sanctum. A place where you can take a deep breath, and retreat from the assorted irritations and troubles of the wider world. For that to work out, in practice, your home has to be the kind of place where you’re not feeling constantly overwhelmed, and don’t have the uneasy, nagging sense that you’re out of your depth.

Since simplifying your home might be so important for your wellbeing, here are a few simple tips for getting it done.

Introduce straightforward tools and features that can streamline your experience

Generally speaking, when you have the right purpose-built tools and features in your home for certain everyday jobs and chores, and have a “place for everything and everything in its place”, things seem simpler, and are easier to organise and wrap your head around.

If, for example, you have a mini-crisis after each shower, because you have wet towels and nowhere to put them out to dry — and so end up throwing them over radiators, clogging them up as a result, or letting their moisture seep into the back of wooden chairs and cause rot and discolouration — installing a heating towel rail from www.onlyradiators.co.uk could be an excellent idea.

Likewise, if you never seem to be able to manage the job of collecting and washing all the dishes promptly and systematically, maybe investing in a dishwasher would dramatically simplify that particular aspect of your life, and set you on the right track.

Introduce straightforward tools and features that can streamline your experience of everyday home life. Just be sure that those tools and features do some good for you, in particular.

Have set rules in place to limit screen time, and consider using apps and services to help you

As mentioned in the introduction to this article, the internet, social media, and TV in particular, seem to play a very powerful role in causing people to become disoriented, overloaded, confused, and to feel that they are constantly bombarded by different sources of information at any given time.

The effect of all of this is, in essence, for us to feel that we’re caught in a permanent state of chaos, where everything is at last a bit too complex and messy to feel comfortable.

In fact, research has shown that people who spend more time on social media are routinely more likely to suffer from feelings of anxiety and depression than people who don’t spend as much time on social media.

One clear implication of all of this, is that having set rules and systems in place to limit screen time in your home might help to simplify your life, and make you feel calmer and more grounded.

To help you achieve this, you could, for example, consider using apps and tools such as the paid subscription service Freedom, which tracks and limits the amount of time you spend on different websites and using different apps, in line with your personal block lists and specifications.

Go through a serious decluttering routine

You might have noticed that in the last few years there’s been a whole lot of talk about the benefits of home-decluttering, not to mention the potential of a minimalistic approach to transform the lives of individuals for the better.

A messy home, filled with clutter, is always going to seem chaotic, complicated, and out of control, just as a matter of course. If you wake up each morning and your bedroom floor is barely visible under the second carpet of clothes, stray belongings, old cardboard boxes and so on, it hardly seems likely that you’re going to feel in control of your destiny.

The Japanese cleaning guru Marie Kondo — who now has her own Netflix series — is famous for her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, and her concept that we should keep only those things in our home that cause us to feel a “spark of joy.”

At the very least, taking the time to get rid of belongings that don’t serve a clear purpose, or make us happy, is likely to be a good move.

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