3 Reasons to Stop Putting Things Off
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3 Reasons to Stop Putting Things Off

You know the metaphor of the ostrich sticking its head in the ground, to avoid facing the threat that’s busy approaching it? Well, it turns out that ostriches may not really do that after all, but people sure do.

No matter who you are, and no matter what your everyday lifestyle looks like, there’s a really good chance that you are putting off at least a couple of things at any given time, that you know you really shouldn’t be putting off.

These could be major things or relatively minor ones. For example, maybe you know that you should look up an Invisalign braces FAQ, and make an appointment with your dentist, but you just struggling to actually get around to it.

Here are just a few good reasons why you should stop putting things off.

Because things only get worse when they are neglected

Problems can often be dealt with pretty effectively if you catch them early, but if you catch them late, you really might end up in a situation that’s beyond help.

This happens in the case of serious disease, for example. If you feel a small lump somewhere in your body where there shouldn’t be one, getting it screened and biopsied immediately can save your life. But, if you just ignore it, you might end up with late-stage cancer, and no real prospects of survival.

Things never get better when we ignore them, they only get worse. That’s a truism of life that’s really important to keep in mind.

Facing up to things, and dealing with them, can be daunting. But probably not as daunting as what will happen if you don’t.

Because you’re likely tricking yourself into believing that taking action will be more difficult than it is

There’s a certain pessimistic, lazy part of the psyche, that we all have, and that constantly tries to trick us into believing that taking action is an extremely difficult thing to do, amd that it’s going to hurt a lot.

Well, sometimes this may be true, but more often than not, once we actually start doing what we’ve been putting off, we’ll be surprised by how easy it was to deal with in reality.

One good reason to stop avoiding things, and to just take action, is because your mind is likely playing tricks on you – and you never know it until you put it to the test.

Because no amount of theory or planning will teach you as much as just taking action

It’s tempting, comforting even, to think that we can just sit around and plan things out indefinitely, so that when we eventually take action, everything will be perfect, and we’ll hit the nail on the head 10 times out of 10.

Realistically, theory and planning are fine up to a point, but they will never account for the “on-the-ground” realities of the situation.

The most powerful and instructive learning experiences only happen when we take action. And taking action is also necessary for developing our sense of discernment.

So, stop getting lost in your own head, and start learning hands-on, by actually doing something.

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