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3 Practical Tips to Reduce Anxiety in Your Everyday Life

For many people, anxiety is a scourge on their everyday lives – and even if you aren’t someone who is prone to severe bouts of anxiety on a regular basis, it’s almost certainly the case that you experience this sensation from time to time, when you are especially stressed at work, or have other issues dragging on your mind.

There are all sorts of reasons to want to reduce your anxiety levels, starting of course with the fact that life is just a much more pleasant experience if you don’t feel like crawling up the walls all the time. 

Beyond that, though, reducing anxiety can also mean getting a more balanced perspective on things, and being more productive from day to day.

Here are a few practical tips that may help to reduce anxiety in your everyday life.

Make a list of issues you’ve been putting off, and start to systematically address them

It’s likely that there are at least a few issues in your life right now that you know you should really be dealing with, but that you keep instinctively pushing into the back of your mind, precisely because you don’t feel like facing up to them.

The problem here is that the old saying “out of sight out of mind” definitely doesn’t apply when it comes to these kinds of situations. What actually ends up happening is that you always remain subconsciously aware that there’s a bunch of stuff that you aren’t handling, and this in turn drives up your resting stress and anxiety levels.

So, whether you’ve been putting off a difficult conversation, or a visit to the dentist, make a list of all the issues you haven’t been addressing, and start to systematically take manageable steps to take care of them. That might mean getting invisalign fitted, or biting the bullet and raising a concern with a loved one.

Begin to plan your days out in advance

Uncertainty and a sense of overall chaos can certainly contribute in a big way to feelings of anxiety. After all, how relaxed can you really feel if you have no realistic way of knowing how your day is likely to go, or what you can expect it to bring?

Life always has an unpredictable dimension, but if you can get into the habit of beginning to plan your days out in advance, you may find that your anxiety levels decrease significantly.

As an added bonus, “time blocking” is a trick that many successful entrepreneurs use to keep themselves highly productive.

Experiment with your diet, and find a template that aids relaxation

There are, of course, physiological factors in your life that can contribute to elevated anxiety. If your diet is structured in such a way that it keeps your stress hormone levels high, for example, you will simply feel more anxious as a rule.

Try experimenting with your diet, in order to find a template that aids relaxation for you. Generally speaking, a diet featuring sufficient calories, a high carbohydrate content, and regular meals every few hours will help you to feel more relaxed overall. Certain nutrients such as magnesium also play an important role in relaxation.

Of course, your caffeine intake is an obvious thing to watch here, too.

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