3 Fantastic Ways to Freshen Up Your Home
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3 Fantastic Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

Winter is almost over and spring is finally right around the corner! It’s time for a change, in other words, and there is no better place to start than with the place where you rejuvenate and rest out after a long day of work.

There is a reason that spring is the most popular time for everything from home renovations, weddings, and personal makeovers, after all, and if you’re looking forward to a change in weather as well as in your mind, you’re definitely not alone.

Here is a handful of fantastic ways to make your home just a little bit brighter and livelier for the new season so that you can feel more energized as well. It doesn’t have to take much and, at the end of the day, you’ll feel much more inspired when spending time at home.

#1 Find a fresh, new colour

Some colours are, sadly, quite outdated at this point. There is the greenish turquoise from a decade ago which you’ll still find in IKEA catalogues from 2007 as well as some outdated statement walls and, of course, the rather plastic-looking cold yellow that some people have painted their entire hallways in. After some time, staring at the same fading walls, it might bring your mood down a bit.

While you certainly don’t have to get rid of these colours altogether just because they seem a bit old fashioned by now, try to think about how they make you feel and what they remind you of. Colours can, after all, have a huge impact on our moods – and those we have surrounded ourselves with for about ten years will certainly be able to affect how you feel.

If the colour on your wall remind you of days you’ve put behind you a while ago, it’s time to find some new indoor paint products to build new and exciting memories with. Sure, you might want to paint it again after another decade or two but, until then, a fresh coat of paint can definitely give you a fresh point of view as well.

#2 Invite in some new artwork

Today, it’s really easy to get some beautiful new art up on your wall. Simply print some pictures, either of actual artists, your friend’s hobby art project, or a picture of yourself and your family. The only thing that’s going to cost you a bit of money is, of course, a nice frame or a canvas to print it on in order to make the art piece stand out on your wall.

That’s unless you have some old crates lying around your garage and would like a quick one-hour DIY project, that is; just check out this handy article and get to work. It will certainly look modern enough as well, by the way, and it will be the perfect addition to your home when you’re trying to freshen things up a bit.

Try to think slightly outside of the box when it comes to art you can hang on your wall too. Sure, inspirational quotes and tribal stuff might make you look like you’re still young and full of hope but, by making it personal, you’re going to fall much more in love with your art piece.

Tove Jansson’s Moomins are drawn beautifully and, if you ever watched it as a kid, it will give you some nostalgia in your home as well. Think about other things as well which are a bit outside of the box and you might be able to come up with some other great artwork to spruce up your home with.

#3 Remember the plants

Finally, there is no better way to invite a new season in than to make use of potted plants. Green, fresh and alive, plants will not only clean your inside air but they will make your home look much more put-together and cared for.

You would, after all, not be able to care for these plants and keep them alive unless you were able to take care of your home as well. You can have a look at this article for some excellent ideas and remember that some of them require a lot of light while others don’t.

While a new season may mean that you’d like to do some spring cleaning and ensure that everything is clean and fresh, it also opens up for some new decorations and even a brand new look in your home. Give your wardrobe a breath of fresh air as well, by the way, and you’ll feel like a brand new person in no time.

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