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15 Free Activities To Do With Kids

I think most people would agree with me when I say that the school holidays cost a blummin’ fortune. Whether it’s childcare or days out, the price soon starts to add up, doesn’t it? So what can we do to keep the cost down? I asked a group of fabulous bloggers for their ideas and they came up with these 15 free activities to do with kids…


Home Based…

1. Our favourite is making homemade ice-lollies and splashing in the paddling pool. – Hayley Muncey,  Miss Manypennies

2. We love the Summer Reading Challenge.  I also encourage them to keep a scrapbook to keep them writing! – Jenny Kearney, The Gingerbread House

3. Painting rocks to hide. – Hayley Brown, Very Mummy

4. Lots of kiddy friendly home cooking! Get them to choose something each week they’d like to learn to make and get them involved. – Kate Mai-Lyn, Ever After With Kids


Out and About…

5. Check out events at your local library – ours has a Lego session and lots of craft activity sessions too. – Emma Maslin, The Money Whisperer 

6. Play dates with friends at the park. Everything seems so much more fun when they have other kids to play with. We also often alternate whose house to have a playdate at if the weather is pants, so you aren’t always hosting. – Beth Law, Twinderelmo

7. I’ve printed off some ‘British leaves’ lists with pictures and we’ll go into the woods to look for them. I might even take the walkie-talkies and split into teams. – Frances Taylor, Whinge Whinge Wine

8. Spotting painted rocks on local walks and hiding them again for the next person. – Sophie Clare, Sophie and Lily

9. Flying kites is always fun. – Jeannette Cripps, Autism Mumma

10. We love going for a walk at our local beauty spots or historic places. – Raimonda Archimio, Cosmo Mum

11. My family enjoys camping. We usually go to a safe and nice place during summer. We love stargazing and cooking hotdogs on a bonfire. – Veronica Mitchell, My Parenting Journey

12. Bird spotting at a local park or lake! Print off a list of local birds that you’re likely to find and see how many points you can score. Easiest around lakes due to how easy water birds tend to be to find. – Christy Bruckner, Welsh Mum 

13. Strawberry (or any fruit really) picking. We buy fruit on the weekly shop anyway so it doesn’t cost me anything if we pick it ourselves instead. Plus, they often have animals or a little outdoorsy play area for the kids after they’ve worn themselves out picking some delicious treats. Added bonus – they might actually eat some fruit if they’ve picked it themselves too! – Samantha Robinson, Porridge and Parenting 



14. Make a fort out of cushions and blankets, either indoors or outdoors, and let their imaginations run wild.

15. Teach them all about the games you used to play when you were younger, whether it’s board games, games you made up, or things you used to play outside such as hopscotch and survival.


Check out this post by Jade Armitage from Thrifty Yorkshire Mum for even more cheap/free ideas of things to do with the kids.


So there it is, 15 free activities to do with kids. Do you have any other ideas of free things to do with the kids? I’d love to hear them in the comments. If you’re feeling a little bit frazzled after all those activities then check out my post about simple self-care ideas. They may help you to keep your sanity, well, at least until the kids are back at school.


Sam x

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